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What Great Pop Up Shop Companies Don’t Tell You But You Should Know

What Great Pop Up Shop Companies Don’t Tell You But You Should Know

Are you ready to let your business set on the accelerated business wheel? Have you chosen a pop-up shop company to handle your full-of-steroid marketing and branding campaigns? If that’s the case, you might be wondering what is it that you should know before approaching such a company. You probably in a state of amazement that is there any secrets these experiential retail pop-up firms may hide from you? Then probably you are on the right track. They might be not telling you something. Here’s see what are they:

1. Setting You Up On a Regular Foot Traffic Location

Beware! Your aim is not to show a pop-up shop where there’s regular foot traffic. Locations with traffic are great. But sometimes such locations are not preferred by the experts. Because, pop-ups are short-term setups. They are not going to be there for an extended amount of time. You can’t just expect people to wander, wait, and ponder over your shop. You need a blast. You need a huge, gigantic cloud of people. 

2. Location is Still Important

Before you step in a pop-up shop company, your basics and concepts should be crystal clear so you don’t get fooled just right away. You may get tricked by paying for a location that is not so great in terms of relevant traffic or even just traffic. May be, no one will notice you there. For example, if you are a luxury stuff seller, then a pop-up in a cheap urban area will just do you no good. Vice versa is also true in the same. One of the other things to keep on a check is the permit. Knowing whether you will be getting a legal permit to set up the pop-up or not may save you from a lot of troubles. 

3. Money Should Not be Your First Priority Here

Your pop-up firm may not tell you this but you are not there to add more zeros to your revenue sheet. Installing a pop-up is all about adding more stars to your branding and knowing what people think about your brand. It’s about whether walking by people are noticing your pop up and interacting with it or not? Are they welcoming the marketing efforts you have made? Are they loving the creative idea you have come up with? It’s never about selling. 

4. Stay in the White List

A pop-up shop can be there for a few hours or several hours during the week. No matter what kind of duration you choose, you should always make sure of one thing – that you have all the legal documents, permits, and insurance in hand. And why not, the purpose of a pop-up is adding to your brand’s reputation. An illegal setup may completely ruin the same. 

So make sure that you have your checklist all ticked before stepping in the first time in such an agency. Yes, you need an agency that is aggressive, smart, and creative, but at the same time that is legal too and likes to walk in the white space. 


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