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What Is Considered the Best Treatment Option for Essential Tremor

What Is Considered the Best Treatment Option for Essential Tremor

When it comes to suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, the treatment is often a straightforward process. It is a well-known condition and one that can cause further problems down the line, which is why conventional treatment is recommended. However, when it comes to conditions such as essential tremor, the road to treatment is not necessarily obvious. After all, plenty of people suffer with essential tremor, but the set of challenges are not always the same.

For example, someone who has essential tremor in their twenties will tackle essential tremor differently when compared to someone in their forties. There are also plenty of other factors that constitute whether or not certain kinds of essential tremor treatment is best utilized. 

On the topic of medication

There are many people who benefit from medication as a form of treatment, especially if the symptoms are not too intense. For most people who get essential tremor from an early age, medication tends to help a great deal. Some types of medication include beta-blockers, tranquilizers, and many more. How the tremor is tackled depends on the tests run by the doctor, though it is crucial to note that not everyone responds well to medication. Unfortunately, there are some whose symptoms do not respond to  conventional medications.

A good example would be the elderly. Essential tremor is a condition that worsens with age, and it is no wonder why many people search for alternative methods.

Surgical treatment

Just like any other type of surgical treatment, there will always be a risk involved. Invasive surgery can be challenging to overcome, but it might be the only course of action for those who have tried other methods and fallen short. It is up to the sufferer whether or not they are willing to risk that type of surgery to alleviate symptoms. 

Alternative treatments

Aside from conventional surgical methods and conventional medication, there have been other breakthroughs that have helped ease the burdens of those who have essential tremor. For example,  focused ultrasound has experienced a substantial amount of success in regards to the number of people it has treated. It is a non-invasive method that opens the door to better ways of dealing with essential tremor. While it might not yet have a cure, progress is continually made in the realm of medicine, and ultrasound treatment is yet to realize its full potential.

As far as the best form of essential tremor treatment goes, it varies depending on the person. For those with mild symptoms, medication is often more than enough. For those who have tried medication to no avail, treatments and surgery are the best courses of action.


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