What is important – business strategy or perfect execution – as explained by Eric Dalius

What is important – business strategy or perfect execution – as explained by Eric Dalius

For some entrepreneurs, it might be a natural choice, but for many others, it has emerged as a challenging choice to determine. Before undertaking any business, you can study a multitude of perspectives and the potential outcomes that they might bring. It is advisable to take different opinions and views before concluding on any decision.

Many are also of the opinion that strategy and execution go hand in hand. Excellent performance cannot revive a failed policy; similarly, a great approach goes in vain because of improper implementation. Thus it would be best if you focused equally on strategy and execution to bring about potential outcomes. Many entrepreneurs choose to plan before the performance because they feel that implementation is highly challenging. 

On the other hand, renowned entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius thought that an idea’s real value lies in its execution. You can make an idea worth millions by executing it correctly. After brainstorming a brilliant strategy, you need to realize it in its full potential; otherwise, it will go in vain. Discussed below are a few suggestions that can help you have a competitive advantage in the business world.

EJ Dalius harps on demystifying tactics for a perfect strategy

An ideal business strategy is a romanticized concept. It is during the process of implementation you can transform and enhance the plan to reach your goals. Any strategy can be perfect only after its proper execution. The CEO’s of some renowned companies in the world prefer not to open up on the bold business strategies until and unless the implementation process is complete. However, execution battles indeed guide every business strategy, and before it takes its final shape, it has to undergo various steps of planning. 

Multiple stages of preparation can help the approach to make a successful form. As such, to initiate the execution process, you can subsequently plan your business strategy. Do not try to be entrepreneurs who over-promise, but at the time of delivery, they cannot keep their words. Instead of under-delivering, try to promise accordingly.

Going beyond ideas

An entrepreneur has indeed become more “idea person” over time. Many Silicon Valley startups made headlines based on surprisingly new views of the entrepreneur. Most of the entrepreneurs indeed base their success stories on ideas. However, idea entrepreneurs do not make headlines; leaders who have visions can do so. Therefore you do not have to be someone who boasts about ideas but rather is someone who could carve a way into the realm of business. The leaders who hold successful visions are the ones who are at the forefront of any industry.

Are leaner strategies more successful ones?

For any entrepreneur who believes that strategy is more important than the implementation process, you have to ensure that you nail down the procedure flawlessly. However, it seems quite impractical as any implementation process requires months of planning. It would again lead to an over-planning and exhausting business procedure, thereby hindering the execution process. Thus you should not just think about strategy, but instead, you should think about policy with the purpose of execution in mind. 

Many times the unsuccessful implementation of sound strategies leads to a waste of time and effort. Such good entrepreneurs should try to device the perfect approach and then start the implementation process. If your plans are complete, you do not have to revise it again and again while moving towards your goals. It would help if you went for leaner strategies, which would reduce the risk of fail execution. Go for short policies that require minimum brainstorming and have a smooth implementation process. 

On the other hand, if you prioritize the execution process, you have to make routine changes in your business strategy based on its functioning in the real world market. In a way, you will be able to cost-correct your plan to bring about better financial outcomes. It is highly essential to update your ideas in the course of its implementation.

It is true that no matter how good your idea is, an idea alone cannot bring guaranteed success. However, well-planned execution can.

Steps for effective execution after idea generation

After the idea generation, there are specific steps that can help you with the execution plan. 

  • A good business strategy should hover around a growth model for effective monetization of players involved in it, like vendors’ customers or even business partners.
  • Analyze performance and thereby make changes in your strategy to achieve your milestones. Keep metrics to track the performance of your products in the market.
  • Let your team member take day-to-day decisions without the need for unnecessary approval mechanisms. It will give the necessary motivation to the group. It will also assist them in exercising their authority for the interest of the business.
  • Take customer feedback into account. It is difficult to take feedback when there are more players in the business cycle, but it is essential to have a two-way communication process. It would help in understanding the expectations of the customers. 
  • In every step of business operations, keep track of productivity and targets. If you measure the objectives in the end, then you will not have much scope for improvement.
  • To deal with crucial challenges in the business scenario, it is indispensable to have alternative recovery plans. Just having a passionate commitment towards your ideas will not help you out-compete your professional rivals in the realm of the business market. It would help if you had alternative recovery plans in case of the failed implementation of business strategies. Agility in business helps in moving towards goals.
  • Use the latest technology and processes to generate more financial outcomes. A leader should keep an open mind towards technological advancement to incorporate the latest tools in your business practice.

To excel in any business, you have to use technology to increase customer value. It is not a one-time effort, but it requires regular updates and changes according to the changing market scenario. Entrepreneurs should have an improvement mentality for the best possible outcomes.


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