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What is Instagram and Why You Should be Using it?

What is Instagram and Why You Should be Using it?

Hey there, are you familiar with Facebook? That website and app you used to connect with old pals and your family? Much like Facebook, another app which has taken the world by storm ever since it became mainstream. That app is Instagram. So is Instagram exactly like Facebook in all aspects? If so then what is the point in having two similar apps on your phone?

The answer we have to that is no, Instagram is not exactly like Facebook in all aspects. In fact, both platforms are quite different from each other. On Instagram, the main focus is photographs and aesthetically appealing pictures like artworks and such. People do upload text posts, but they are mainly in the form of captions or as pictures. You can choose to own a public or a private account. It is best to choose a public account to gain a big following especially if you want to be part of some international community or if you want to gain recognition as some sort of an artist. If you want to be in touch with friends and family and see what’s popular in the world, a private account will also suffice.

If you want to contact an organization or an individual, there is also a Direct Message option available which you can use to send a message to anyone. The option can also be used by other people who show an interest in your posts or work to contact you. If you find disturbing messages or harassments in your Inbox, you can simply block the individual who is behind this.

Instagram is a great app to stay in touch with popular trends and news from all over the world. By taking note of the Instagram followers you have, the app conditions itself to keep your discover section as entertaining for you as possible. The discover section contains information from pages you have not followed and in some way or the other all these pages share posts which you might find interesting. This could include celebrities you like, updates on shows and movies, hot fashion trends, food videos and best places to eat and friends of friends who you would like to follow. There are many contests and giveaways that take place on Instagram. They could be hosted by big brands who usually give away small prizes for tagging your friends or sharing posts, or they could be hosted by pages with a large number of followers who give you shout-outs so your page also gains some popularity within the Instagram Community.

If you have any skills, you can publicize yourself on Instagram. You can share professional-level photographs, artworks, music covers and original pieces, food you have cooked and even poetry which you have written. Instagram grants you followers and likes much more than Facebook does as you don’t really always need paid advertisements for making your page get popular within your desired community.


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