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What Is It About Retro? Why Is It Always in Style?

What Is It About Retro? Why Is It Always in Style?

You have probably noticed a number of “retro” items popping up in online and brick-and-mortar stores. From older versions of packaging and logos on the products we buy everyday to home décor items that we recall from the 1960s and 1970s, there is no shortage of vintage items to fill our homes and pantries.

But why is this? Why do we have an affinity towards retro styles and why do they always seem to be in fashion?

Retro connects us to our pasts

In many cases, our love of retro may help us to feel closer to our pasts, helping to evoke happy memories of our childhoods. One area where this seems to be in the case is retro video games. As Inverse notes, playing old video games is more than a trip down memory lane — busting out your ancient Sega Genesis machine and playing the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, or playing a re-release of the popular game on a current gaming system, will make you feel closer to your past and the friends who once played with you.

This connection to our past is also true for various retro accessories that are now popular again. While your tweens and teens might ask for a lava lamp for their rooms because they look so cool—you might be tempted to get it for them, or add one to your own living room, because they remind you of when you were their age. As Groovy History notes, lava lamps were the rage in the 1960s and 1970s and they first appeared on TV on the “Doctor Who” series. Maybe you remember seeing them on TV or maybe your best friend had one in his room — either way, these retro lamps make you smile. Place it on a table in the living room and ask your kids to join you in watching some “Brady Bunch” episodes — talk about a great day.

Retro can seem more genuine

In general, our society has had a soft spot for things from the past. As PrintMag notes, when people look at vintage versions of product labels and old commercials, there is a certain honesty or purity to them that is attractive. This is one reason why many brands are embracing a retro look, and why we are happy to buy them. For instance, when General Mills created a retro Trix cereal box, one that had fewer garish colors and a simpler look, the cereal flew off the shelves. Given the choice between a modern-looking label with bold graphics and retro packaging with more faded shades and old-fashioned fonts, the vintage look may inspire you to buy the product most of the time.

Retro can make you feel like an individual

If you and/or your teens love to scour thrift stores for retro and vintage clothing items, it may be because you love wearing unique things that you can’t find at 25 stores at the mall. Retro items can help you to feel like you are marching to the beat of your own fashion drummer, instead of following the latest fashion trends and buying items that are cranked out by the millions at garment factories.

Embrace and enjoy your inner retro vibe

If you’re drawn to anything and everything retro, you are far from alone. Chances are good that your friends would love to join you for a Sonic marathon, admiring your lava lamp while they are there. By embracing your retro vibe, you are returning to your childhood while appreciating simpler times, which is quite groovy.



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