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What is the Best Antivirus for a Small Company in 2018

What is the Best Antivirus for a Small Company in 2018

Small businesses tend to think that they don’t need any protection. They want to believe that no one will even try to attack them because they are small and pretty much invisible. But that’s a terrible misconception. Even the tiniest organization has just as many chances of getting damaged by some malware as a big corporation. So no one should leave their devices unprotected hoping the threat will go by.

Even the computer that we use for personal needs can become a target for malefactors for various reasons. So why would the business owner think that their company is not that significant to get the attention of hackers? Thus, every business regardless of the size should have antivirus installed on all devices used by employees. And it should be the best software possible. Since big corporations and smaller companies have different needs, we have created the list of antiviruses that are the best fit for small businesses.

Bitdefender for Business

This provider offers numerous options of defense. But most importantly, it provides a product, created specifically for the needs of small and medium businesses. And it’s not only one solution but four! You can choose a basic version that will provide you with reliable protection or pick an advanced version that will defend your business using machine learning. Also, you can go for elite security that offers customers layered architecture for better protection. Or maybe you use Amazon Web Services – Bitdefender has a specific solution for AWS.

With such an accurate approach, this provider became one of the best, offering solid security to its clients. It will protect non only personal devices of your employees but also your datacenters not harming their performance. And with the Advanced Threat Control, this software will monitor the activity of all processes constantly, detecting problems at the very moment of their appearance. Also, Bitdefender will help you avoid fines, lawsuits, and other issues related to GDPR. This provider doesn’t require any extra hardware resources. Still, it is highly functional and offers users extended and reliable protection not affecting the productivity of devices and, thus, employees.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

The name of this world-famous antivirus provider speaks for itself. Their business solution is designed exclusively for companies that have from 5 to 50 computers, several servers, and mobile devices. The application is ready to use, and you can control it from a cloud console with an intuitive interface. You won’t need any special abilities or knowledge to use its instruments and keep all your computers, servers and devices protected. The antivirus will take care of your security while you will be able to focus on your business.

The software supports all popular platforms – PCs and laptops on Windows and MacOs, file servers on Windows and mobile devices on Android. It will protect you from cryptolockers, data theft, phishing, spyware, and other kinds of malware. The provider will make sure your banking accounts and credit cards are safe. Despite such a wide range of instruments, this antivirus won’t eat up many resources and is extremely easy to use.

Avast Business Antivirus

Avast is deeply loved by lots of internet users around the world. This provider deserved the trust and loyalty of its customers for the simplicity and reliability of its software. Beautiful and intuitive interface and a rather scrupulous approach – that’s how Avast gained its popularity. Being attentive to its clients’ needs, this provider created a solution for small businesses.

Avast Business Antivirus will analyze new files instantaneously and solve issues once they appear not slowing down the performance of the device. The software protects Sharepoint and Exchange servers, so there is no chance for malware to get to your hard drive, “Inbox” folder in your email or any other place related to your business. It will also monitor all your apps and keep them updated not letting any programs to get vulnerable. You will have three different pricing options so you will be able to pick the one that is convenient for you.

Avira Antivirus for Small Business

Another reliable software created exclusively for small companies. This antivirus offers a sizeable multifunctional package of instruments for businesses. It will protect PCs, servers, and emails. This application secures the whole network keeping malware away. Although the functionality of this solution is quite vast, it doesn’t eat up many resources. You can control the entire system from one console that has an intuitive and interactive interface.

This antivirus will scan all traffic and processes that run on all devices and servers in real time. Every day Avira Antivirus for Small Business blocks more than 4000 attacks and protects businesses from malefactors. But the most significant advantage of this provider is that its software is compatible with most popular business instruments. Such an approach allows broadening the impact of the antivirus even more. Also, if you ever face any issues with an application, the support team will always help you out and guide you through the process.

There are many solutions designed to protect the business. And even though your company is small, we advise you to invest some time in choosing the right option and get a quality antivirus for your firm. If you wonder whether there are some more budget-friendly and still efficient solutions in the market, our advice it to take a closer look at TotalAv antivirus, and read Scanguard antivirus review. Both are new players in the market, and offer a great set of features at a moderate price. Remember, that it will cost you much less to keep the security software than to handle damage a malicious attack can cause.

Avi Carpenter

Avi Carpenter is a free-lancing business advisor and enthusiastic Online Privacy activist with extensive experience in the industry. Avi has been working as an independent consultant for years, and he is happy to share his expertise, and to provide his customers with a deep insight into the Internet privacy industry. Avi tested multiple software solutions designed to protect privacy and data including dozens of antiviruses make sure his clients get the ultimate protection.


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