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What is the best micro SD card?

What is the best micro SD card?

Are you running out of memory on your Smartphone? Then, without waiting any longer buy and insert a micro SD card to extend your memory space. The micro SD card would be used in cameras, smart phones and gaming devices for external storage. However, not all the micro SD cards that are available in the market are the same. It is challenging for the users to choose the right one with the availability of umpteen options in the market. These SD cards are supported for Android and other smart phones barring iPhone. When you are buying one, you need to check the speed and its storage capacity along with the price. If you do not have enough storage space for your mobile, you can add this SD card to add some external memory to store videos, photos, documents and other media files. I used to wholesale SD cards from Hugdiy and they can able to provide the best price and service: hugdiy

You need to consider these points to choose the best micro SD card

Type of card and its capacity: There are two types of cards. There include – SDHC (Secure Digital High capacity) and the other is SDXC (Secure Digital extended capacity). The one and only one difference between both these card types is the storage space that is offered by them. Generally, the SDHC card would offer the storage space of around 4 to 32 GB whereas the SDXC would offer the storage capacity ranging from 64GB to 2 TB. SDXC will work on all the new gadgets barring a few old ones whereas the SDHC will support almost all the smart phones, tablets and gaming devices as these cards have less than 32 GB of memory for storage. You need to get the capacity based on your business or personal purpose and budget. However, the price of the card would totally depend on the speed class and the capacity it can store. 

Speed class: Basically, Micro SD class has six different types of speed classes. There include – 2, 4, 6, 10, U1 and U3. The number would give the speed at which it writes the data to the card, i.e. it would be in terms of megabytes per second. Based on the class, the speed would increase. The U1 cards would support around 10 megabytes per second whereas U3 card would support 30 Megabytes per second. The latest cards that are manufactured by various card manufacturers would support class 10 or higher classes. You would rarely see the people selling the cards that have class 6 or lower class cards in the market. The micro SDX cards have the ability to carry class 10. This card would record the data briskly when it is used on the UHS supported devices.

If you are buying high-end cards, it will support UHS-1 and UHS-II. The UHS-1 card would record at the higher speed of 104 MB/s whereas the UHS-II card would record the data at the speed of 312 MB/s.

App performance class: The app performance class would decide which card would work best for the smart phones and tablets. When an A1 rating is given to the card, it means that the card will have the ability to open and process the applications at a faster pace, since it has the ability to read both input and output access for every second.

Here are a few best micro SD cards that are available in the market

Obviously, you would want the SD card that has higher speed and good capacity and is also available at the decent price. When you are buying an SD card, it is important for you to check the brand reputation, performance, and reliability and warranty terms. You also need to read the terms thoroughly to ensure that you get the best one that meets your needs.  

SanDisk Extreme 32GB: This is a high speed SDHC card that is best for smart phones and tablets which has the ability to read at the speed of 90 megabytes per second and can write at the speed of 60 megabytes per second. This is highly durable and comes with a warranty. The reviews that are left by the customers are positive about it. You can use this card to watch 1080p videos. This has certification of class 10, UHS 3 and V30. This also comes with an adapter. 

Samsung Evo Plus 64GB: This card has the rating of class 10 or UHS-1 which would transfer the data at the speed of 80 megabytes per second. This is highly reliable and durable and has many positive reviews. This is quick and highly efficient to be used on smart phones and tablets and there is no problem to record 1080p video. This is also available at a cost effective price.

Lexar Professional 128GB: If you want a card that transfers the data at a high speed and good capacity, you need to pick this best micro SD card. This offers the speed of 150 megabytes per second and the writing speed is around 45 megabytes per second. This comes with an USB reader that you can happily plug in to your laptops.


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