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What is the Importance of Homestay in Kerala Tourism?

What is the Importance of Homestay in Kerala Tourism?

Kerala, God’s own country is a place which is boasted with picturesque landscapes and the nonchalant environment. In Kerala, you may find many quintessential and attractive homestays which are embracing the guests with all the facilities and comfort. In a homestay, you will actually be staying in a home away from your home. These days, most of the homestays offer just as much comfort as good and renowned hotels. Kerala has become one of the popular travel destinations for the tourists. Thus, the popularity of homestays is also flourishing. People are preferring homestays over the hotels because they are thinking that these will amplify their experience and enjoyment manifold.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of homestays?

  1. Cost-effective: Homestays are much cheaper than the hotels, so they are truly value for money. If you have a tight budget for your Kerala trip, then you can choose homestays over the hotels.
  2. More personalized services: A homestay usually has a few rooms as compared to the hotels. This means there are only a few guests like you. The family who resides there runs it and acts as host. So, you will get a lot of attention and more personalized services as compared to hotels. By staying at a homestay, you can taste many scrumptious Keralite home-cooked food items. It is true that there is a huge difference between the food that you get in the hotels and the Indian home-cooked food. Home-made dishes are lighter, more favourable, and have more variations. You can even prepare local delicacies by yourself if your hosts allow it to do so.
  3. Get to know local people very closely: By staying in a homestay, you will get a chance to see the neighbourhood with your hosts. The hosts have a good experience about their local areas and places, so they will guide you which places you should visit in your trip. Moreover, they will also provide you with the detailed information of the places, local languages, hidden places, ancient history, etc. In this way, you will get a more information about the local culture, places, and customs.
  4. Will make a strong bond: Unlike hotels, a homestay offers more customized and personalized services to the guests because here the hosts or local people used to give all the services. They will give you some good quality food items, assist you in your travel plan, and help you to know the local culture and market in a better way. So, within a few days, you will find a good connection between you and your hosts. Sometimes, the bonding is so good that you love to keep in touch with them once your vacation is over.
  5. Celebrating festivals: If you are planning to visit Kerala during Onam or other popular festival time, then nothing can be better than staying in a homestay. There is no better way to celebrate all the Keralite festivals than with a local family. You will gain a deep appreciation and understanding of the festival, its value in their culture, and other important things. Not only this, you will also get a chance to participate in the rituals along with your hosts. This is something unique that you can’t get if you stay at the hotel.
  6. Safety: Staying in a homestay is equally safe as a hotel. These homestays are nothing less than hotels. They will not only entertain you with the food and other activities, but they will also take care of your safety.

These are the reasons behind the popularity of homestays in Kerala. Because you will get the actual charisma of the state by staying at a homestay. Though you may find many lucrative Kerala tour packages from the tour operators, still consider homestay at least for once if you want to make your Kerala trip memorable and entertaining.


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