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What Makes YouTube the Best Video Marketing Site

What Makes YouTube the Best Video Marketing Site

Video marketing is largely being used by businesses and individuals to promote their products and services these days. Videos are typically large in digital size, so the users need a video sharing site that is fast and user-friendly. When it comes to video sharing sites, no site can beat YouTube. YouTube gets millions of visitors per day, making it an amazing platform for people to advertise and find the right customers. 

YouTube has its audience spread globally, with 70 percent of the visitors coming from outside the United States. Using YouTube allows you to reach a bigger audience. Here are some factors that make YouTube the best video marketing siteon the planet earth:

Home Ground for Viral Videos

YouTube is a place where videos go viral – a video that becomes extremely popular through the process of internet sharing. An example of a viral video that was posted to YouTube and got exposed to millions of people within a few hours is ‘Gangnam Style’. Many artists have also been picked up by record labels, directly from YouTube. Once your video goes viral, it will start getting an excessive number of views that will increase the overall popularity of the product/service you were trying to advertise. YouTube also has another incentive for users who make top-notch videos. Once your video gets popular, it gets a place on the home page, which further increases traffic. Please note in order to make your video popular, you first need to create a professional video through an amazing Swish video app. A good video editing app makes all the difference, making the audience believe in your products and services.

Hosting Channels

YouTube allows users to host their own channels. By making your own channel, you create a central location for all your videos related to the product you were marketing from the start. You can also create a collection of videos related to your business. YouTube lets you revise your videos after uploading them, as well.

Paid Advertisements

Apart from branding, YouTube also offers other choices to marketers trying to reach millions of users. You can advertise on YouTube by opting for paid advertisements. The product that you select to market will be displayed in the form of a commercial on videos with related content. As people will watch the videos related to a particular niche, they will most likely click the advertisements that promote related products or content. Paid ads will allow exponential growth of your enterprise because no other video sharing site has as many registered users as YouTube does.



By choosing YouTube for marketing your product, you can keep a track of the number of users who viewed your video and other related data. This will help you find the market response to your product. This is a great tool, especially for startups. By advertising your product on YouTube, you will be able to see whether your product is getting positive reviews and if you need to make any changes to it. YouTube also permits posting comments on videos. Comments increase interactivity, resulting in businesses to capture the true state of audience response to their product and services.

YouTube is by far the best video marketing platform that businesses and individuals use to market their offerings. Any professional can use it thanks to its unrestricted access for all.


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