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What new trends are expected in the online world?

What new trends are expected in the online world?

We are all present in the online world, and while the main concept remains the same, there are some new trends that make our time spent online more enjoyable. These new trends that we are going to explore in the article are usually there to give us a better user experience. Whether it’s an easier way to find something or an extended support system, they are something that we are glad they invented.

The old-new trend: chatbots

This trend is not new, as chatbots are becoming more widespread on the Internet. But from 2020 they started to gain a bigger and bigger reputation. 

Keeping in touch with customers and responding immediately is increasingly an expectation on the part of our customers. No one has time to search a website for FAQ’s or to find a video on YouTube that explains the solution to your problem. Everyone is waiting for an immediate answer to their questions. And chatbots are the easiest and fastest way to get our answers.

Chatbots allow us to provide a 0-24 hour “customer service” to the customers. Although contact with customers will certainly not be triggered, for the time being, they are certainly good for the purpose of answering general questions or performing simpler tasks (e.g. making an appointment) on our behalf. So with chatbots, we can significantly increase the customer experience and take the weight off our shoulders.  

Voice search

It is important for users to be able to easily ask their questions and at the same time get a quick answer to them. However, there are situations where it is easier for them to start a voice-based search than to type that question into the search engine, especially in the time when smart assistants like Siri or Alexa are gaining popularity.

But not just that, from the point of view of search engine optimization, we must be prepared for the fact that with the spread of voice-based search, the guidelines related to optimization will change. Because we look differently in writing than orally. In writing, we are used to searching for keywords (for example female hairdresser, red shoes), but orally we still ask our questions in basically complete sentences (for example: Where is a female hairdresser near me?). So it will be worth considering this new trend when optimizing the content for our website.

Web application vs. application

Progressive web applications are very similar in functionality to mobile applications. However, some web applications may give a better user experience for us, especially if we accept them through our PC. Games like Crazy Time, are far more entertaining and enjoyable playing on a desktop computer than on a phone. The sound is more full, and the animations are flawless. But there is more…

What are the benefits of a web application?

● Flexible and easy to use      

● Some of them can be used offline      

● Can be easily synchronized with other devices     

● No need to download from the Play Store or Appstore     

● The web application does not take up space on any of our devices     

Web applications are gaining in popularity and this trend is expected to continue next year. If we are planning to introduce a new service from next year and are considering building an application, it will be worth thinking more about developing a progressive web application. 

Bringing the customer experience to the forefront

In 2020, the customer himself will become even more prominent in online marketing. The paradigm shift in marketing is getting stronger. It’s no longer just about convincing the customer to choose a site or company. Instead, the goal is to provide a customer experience that makes you want to choose us over and over again.

The online world has become a part of our everyday lives and it has given more power to the customers as well. They are no longer just passive actors in the buying process who need to be guided and informed about everything. They have all the tools and resources to track down the information themselves. That is why we need to provide them with more than just information!

And how can we increase the customer experience? For example, with efficient, friendly and convincing service, and easy payment terms. But cutting-edge technology, mobile-friendly looks and good design can also have a positive impact on the customer experience. 

Personalization above all else

Nowadays, in most cases, the problem is that a very significant proportion of visitors to our website never become our actual customers. However, this is not usually because our marketing is bad or we are not reaching the right people. The problem in many cases is caused by the fact that the message we are communicating does not and cannot fit all visitors. Personalization helps in this!

With personalized websites, the visitor is much more likely to eventually become a real customer. But how can we achieve this? It is enough to think of the larger foreign webshops, where we are already waiting for us with personalized, named offers on the main page. For example, if we have bought a product before, it is not surprising that on our next visit we will come across some additional offer on the site.

Another option for personalized offers is automation. It is a process in which we accurately identify our customers, track their customer journey, define their interests, and make personalized offers based on this information. For example, if an interested person has downloaded our ebook on starting a webshop, read our articles on this topic, then we may be interested in starting a webshop. From now on, all we have to do is “find” the right offer.

Advertising costs have risen significantly in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to run successful campaigns. So in 2020, it will be essential to find a new way if we want a successful marketing activity.

Let’s not forget the marketing strategy!

The success of marketing doesn’t just depend on following what’s new. We can read all the articles like the latest trends in the phone industry, but we have a much more important task than that if we want successful marketing.

Marketing is becoming more and more complex. Where is the time when it was enough to run a successful campaign on a channel? For a company to be successful in the 21st century, marketing goals must be in line with corporate goals. The strategic marketing plan defines the goals and the tactical elements by which we can achieve those goals. So let’s not forget about it, as planning is at least as important as implementation.


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