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What Should Men Wear to Display Confidence?

What Should Men Wear to Display Confidence?

Confidence has always been a key factor in several aspects of life, going for an interview, meeting a date, attending meetings, the list goes on. There are countless amounts of literature both virtually and physically describing how to improve self-confidence. However, first impressions are always very important and therefore what you wear needs to reflect the confidence you want to portray.

One thing that is always a common theme is to wear a suit. This shows an element of power and authority, two signs that the individual is very assured of their own abilities. It is always important to make sure that the suit you choose is coordinated with the shirt and tie you choose to wear. Popular coloured suits include: Black, Navy and Grey.

A full suit is not necessarily required, as long as the shirt and trousers are appropriate. For example, a good outfit to wear could be just a smart shirt (preferably white) without a tie and some black slim fit trousers. Try to avoid bright colours, colours like blue and pink are good choices as long as they are closer to the baby variations of each colour.

In terms of shoes, again you want it to match the suit you are wearing, however there are some shoes that people respond better to. Black shoes are the most popular, especially when they have pointed tips. However, some shades of brown are appropriate depending on how much they stand out; the subtler the shoes, the more they complement the whole outfit, enhancing that confident image.

Accessories can also be quite important when trying to exude confidence. A belt is always a great option to complement a suit, especially when it matches the shoes you choose to wear, it really completes an outfit. However, if you are looking for the “cherry on top” then a watch can provide that. Ideally, you want a watch with a round face and a leather strap is preferable. Quartz is a very popular choice and would be the perfect for rounding off this look.

There you have it, a short guide to giving off a self-confident image. This just shows how some certain things you wouldn’t think about can be used to create a certain image. The brilliant infographic from Paul Twice in this article showcases this further with the right watch to wear for certain given situations.


Fashion and High Society

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