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What Should You Eat To Have Healthy Hair?

What Should You Eat To Have Healthy Hair?

One thing that few people know is that our nutrition has a direct impact on how our hair looks. No matter what hair health products we use, nutrition is what is highly impactful. That is why it is always recommended that you consume the appropriate balance of numerous nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein if you want your hair to remain lustrous, strong and shiny. Even when you visit professionals like at the Elle B Lakewood hair salon location, you are told about nutrition. Here are some things you should always remember.


Hair is actually made out of protein so you have to be sure your diet includes enough of it if you want hair to be healthy and strong. When not enough protein is consumed, hair tends to become weak, brittle and dry. You can easily see this with really low protein diets. They tend to lead to hair loss and highly restricted hair growth. If you want to add foods to your diet so your hair is stronger, choose turkey, chicken, eggs and dairy products. They are wonderful protein sources. Nuts and legumes are good for vegetarians.


Iron is one of the most important minerals for hair. If iron quantities are low, hair loss quickly appears. Hair root and follicle are both fed by rich nutrient blood supply. As iron levels fall under specific points, anemia is experienced. Animal products like chicken, fish and red meat offer iron in a way that is really easy to digest for your body. If you are a vegetarian, iron stores can be raised by increasing spinach, lentils and other green leafy vegetables like salad greens, kale and broccoli.

Vitamin C

You want to consume vitamin C because it helps absorb iron in your system. Also, vitamin C is a very good antioxidant that the body can readily use. Really good sources to consider include guava, blueberries, kiwi fruits, papaya, blackcurrants, oranges, sweet potatoes and strawberries. You should also know that vitamin C will help produce collagen, which will strengthen capillaries supplying hair shafts.

Vitamin A

The body requires vitamin Ain order to make sebum, which is a substance that is created by the hair’s sebaceous glands. This offers natural conditioner that keeps the scalp healthy. If you do not have sebum, your scalp will be itchy and hair will be dry. Try to include orange or yellow colored vegetables in your diet (They are high in beta-carotene content) and animal products. Supplement with sweet potatoes and pumpkins.


This B vitamin is water-soluble and vital for healthy hair. If you do not have enough, hair becomes brittle and hair loss can happen. Try to include biotin rich foods in your diet like egg yolk, whole grains, yeast and soy flour.


Out of all nutrients you need for healthy hair, this is the one that is the least known. The Omega-3 fatty acids stand out as important since the human body cannot actually make them. You can see them in cells lining your scalp. They also give you oils that keep hair and scalp hydrated. Try to find oily fish like herring, trout, sardines, mackerel and salmon, together with plant sources like pumpkin seeds, walnuts and avocado.

Selenium And Zinc

If you want your scalp protected, you need minerals like selenium and zinc. If you do not have enough zinc, hair loss soon follows. Your scalp also becomes flaky and dry. Opt for whole grains and fortified cereals as great sources of zinc, together with eggs, beef and oysters.

Vitamin E

Never underestimate how important vitamin E is for your hair. Sun will damage hair, similarly to how it does skin. Always include foods that have high vitamin E content in your diet. The best option is given by nuts since they also offer selenium and zinc. Balanced diets for healthy hair need to always include such foods or hair will become brittle.

Natural Hair Treatments

Obviously, your hair needs more nutrition than what you eat. You should seriously consider making your very own mask if you are interested in having a really nourishing and deep treatment. Use this every 2 weeks. All you have to do is whisk one egg yolk with half an avocado (mashed). Add one spoon of honey. Take the mixture and massage it onto clean, damp hair. Let it stand for half an hour and then rinse as thoroughly as possible.

As you can easily notice, most of the foods that are mentioned above are also recommended for an overall healthy diet. It is very important that you eat all that the body needs in order to be at full strength. If you do that, your hair is going to be so much healthier than you imagine.

The problem in many cases is that people rely on hair health care products. This reliance usually leads towards neglecting other important parts, like nutrition. You have to be sure that you eat all that you have to in order to have a really strong body. This includes every single part of it, like your hair. If you really want your hair to be healthy, start with nutrition. Then, be careful that the amounts you consume are enough. Sometimes, like when you work out hard, the body needs much more than the recommended daily dosage.


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