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What to Consider When Buying a Sand Band Saw

What to Consider When Buying a Sand Band Saw

Are you planning on purchasing a band saw for your projects? These are useful and awesome tools that are perfect to use for your next DIY projects! However, there are a ton of band saws to choose from, making it confusing for many people as they need something to ensure that they get their money’s worth.

So if you’re wondering how exactly to select the best band saw for you, learn more here as I show you the important factors to consider!

The Benefits of a Band Saw

Before we get into the factors to look into when selecting a band saw, let’s first see what this handy tool can do and the advantages it can offer:

  1. Cuts Different Materials With Precision

Just like other cutting tools, a band saw will be able to cut different types of materials, such as timber, wood and other things you can use for your projects. Some band saws also come with extra features, like a miter gauge or rip fence, which can help create straight cuts.

  1. Better and Accurate Results

Compared to using other kinds of tools (like a chainsaw), a band saw will be able to provide a better, more accurate result. This is thanks to the tool’s blade quality, which is straighter and sharper. Band saws would use top-quality blades that come with different features for the precise finish, like dual-bearing blade guide rollers or blade tracking adjustments.

  1. You Reduce Wastage

A band saw also reduces wastage. Because it has a smaller kerf compared to other tools, you’ll be able to utilize the materials used. While those tools with wider blades eat more material than the band saw’s narrow blades, you don’t waste what you cut and can use it for other projects.

Now that you know about the different uses of a band saw, what are things to look at when choosing one? Here are the important factors to search on:

Open or Closed Stand

A closed stand will be able to keep dust away from a motor and can provide space for tool storage. But an open stance is more accessible, however not as great as saving storage as a closed stand.

Frame Style and Motor Size

Most saws have the cast iron or welded steel frames (for larger saws). Cast iron is still a good choice, with quality and having the tool built to last in the long run. Focus more on the make rather than the paint finish of the tool.

As for the motor size, this depends on the intensity of your future projects. For cutting softwoods or simple craftwork, up to 1 HP is good. For cabinet or furniture making, go for something between 1 or 2 HP.

Table Top and Wheels

The table top should have a 3/4 to 3/8 inch miter slot to accept available gauges. As for its wheels, I recommend that you get cast iron rather than alloy wheels, which will provide more power. Also, focus on wheels which have more spokes, which offer less vibrations and a smoother operation.

The trunnions, which support your tabletop and help with tilting, should be big and strong enough to avoid accidents. This will make the work smoother and more accurate, preventing too much movement while you use the band saw.

Cutting Speed and Blade Quality

A good cutting speed is about 3,500 feet a minute, again, depending on how fast and smooth you want your work done. There are band saws that offer speed rated, but take note that slower speed won’t make a huge difference on the hardwood.

The blades should also be made of top quality, with sufficient tension and made for straight cuts. Another thing to focus on besides the blades is to have a fence and gauge which provide security to your material and the saw itself. It should move and lock securely while offering easy adjustment to your band.

Parts Availability

Generic brand saws would be able to be fixed or tweaked because of its versatility to use other parts with. Rather than getting an “exclusive” brand that is only compatible with specially-made parts, go for band saws with readily available parts to avoid the hassle of purchasing and shipment.

Other Features

Last but not the least; look into other extra features your chosen band saws have to offer, such as grasp-able and strong metal handles and knobs, as well as ease of cleanliness and safety mechanisms for an easier time in working.

Wrapping It Up

Purchasing a band saw can be quite dating at first. However, you shouldn’t select the first one you see! By doing your research and taking time before you make the selection, you get your money’s worth and will be able to enjoy your tool for future projects to come.

Use these factors to consider as the starting point to buying a quality band saw today!


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