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What to Consider When Planning Out Your Dog’s Diet

What to Consider When Planning Out Your Dog’s Diet

With so much information on pet care these days, especially diets, what is really the best for your dog? Well, let us help you.

The Type of Dog Food:

When it comes to our canine companions, it seems the simple days of a can of sloppy dog food are long gone. Much like us, our barking buddies need a healthy and balanced diet.

When choosing what is best for your dog, you want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients they need in regards to their daily activity and energy needs.

Brands such as Orijen dog food have a variety of wet food and dry food that can cater to your dog’s breed, shape and seniority, which can be important whether they are a growing puppy or maybe a senior pooch with some extra weight.

It can also be important to make sure they aren’t only getting one of each type, so the nutrients are well distributed.

The Breed of Your Dog:

This is where it pays for you to do some research into your dog.

Choosing the puppy just because he’s cute and adorable or giving an older pooch a second chance because you like the breed is not always the best knowledge to draw upon, especially once you discover their size and eating habits.

I’ve often heard Labradors referred to as ‘nature’s vacuum cleaners’ among both owners and vets alike. If it falls on the floor, they will shovel it up.

Just like us humans, dogs are individuals. What may work well for one breed of dog may cause problems in another.

The RSPCA Australia (as a general guide) recommends, “not exercising your dog immediately prior to or after eating [sic] particularly to deep-chested dogs such as Boxers or German Shepherds.”


While it is can be perfectly suitable to have your dog on kibble, a little variety is always a nice treat to keep things interesting.

Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, are primarily carnivorous; however, some human-grade plant foods and the occasional meaty bone can be a good mix to your dog’s food bowl.

However, it is best to seek your vet’s advice beforehand, as certain health conditions and your dog’s potential age can cause problems with bone chewing.

Portion Control:

When it comes to feeding your pooch, understanding their particular needs is important, as this can be a general guide for portion control when it comes to their food.

Their life stage and any certain conditions, such as pregnancy or puppy can determine how much they should eat.

Every dog is an individual and has different activity needs, yet CanineJournal has a general guide to the amounts you should feed your growing dog, with around ½ cup for a 10 lb (4.5kg) dog to 4 ½ to 6 cups for 100lbs (45kg).

In addition, a growing puppy will often eat more times a day than some adult dogs so always check with your local veterinarian.

Safe and Toxic Foods:

While we know of some common human foods that are toxic to our dogs, such as chocolate, there are indeed some foods that, like us, are quite healthy and beneficial for our canine pals.

If you intend on including a variety human-grade variety foods into your dog’s diet, it is wise to know which are perfectly healthy and, according to American Kennel Club, which could involve an immediate rush to the vet.

Now, when it comes to feeding your pup, I hope I have helped you decipher what you can plan with your dog’s food bowl.

Of course, as I’ve reiterated many times, this info is general, so please check with your vet as to your dog’s personal requirements.

Here’s to a happy and healthy hound!

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