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What To Do If You Want A Brand New Tattoo?

What To Do If You Want A Brand New Tattoo?


Tattoo is known as the most ancient way to make your body more beautiful and attractive. This material explains what to do if you want to make a new design.

People applied such images to their bodies since ancient times and for various reasons – to identify oneself, to reveal someone’s thoughts and position in life and to bring more beauty and attractiveness in the end. It is natural, that good image requires good skills from artist, so if you want your tattoo design to be really good, you will need to make sure you choose respectable and popular shop, where you will end up in the hands of experienced artist, whose design will be a mere masterpiece.

So, what are the exact steps you need to perform in order to achieve your goal and get the design of your dreams?

Basically they are very simple. First of all you choose the artist and shop where you will apply your new image. Make sure you find a respectable one not to regret in future.

Then you should think about the exact design you want to apply. In fact, some people prefer to show the master images of the designs that they like and he can either use one of them or even combine them into one and make the unique and peculiar tattoo design that has no analogues. This is a very tricky question, but experienced artist can advise you on that and make sure that you get the exact design that you will like for the years to come. Here everyone chooses what he likes but just make sure that it is not offensive or doesn’t mean anything bad. If you feel that your imagination fails you, it is always good to surf Internet in order to find the image and design that you will like. For example, you can find many examples of such designs on this resource –

Of course the fact if you are a man or a woman is vital in choosing the exact designs, because there are many traditional tattoos that are regarded to be male-only or female-only.

Choosing a particular image for a girl usually is not a very tricky question, as there are quite a lot of examples of great designs that are considered to be suitable for girls. Here we can see such images, as flowers, butterflies, stars, fairies, hearts, dolphins, different inscriptions and so on. You can find great samples of girls’ designs here –


If we speak about male-only designs, we usually mean such images as army tattoos, mythical creatures (sphinxes, dragons etc.), biker, celtic, gothic tattoos and so on. You can see good examples of male designs here –


Of course there are no strict rules in choosing a good design for you, but you will at least want it to be unique, as you won’t like to see the same image and design on other persons’ body for sure.

After this vital step (choosing unique design), you can proceed with discussing the position and size of your image with tattoo artist. He then draws individual image of your choice, taking into account the size and position of the chosen design.

When all preparations are done, you come to the shop for the application process. Good artist will give you great advices on how to take care of your new tattoo.

So as you can see, the question of new image choice and application is rather complex and you should pay attention to many details if you need a good result. However, if you choose good and experienced artist and a respectable and well known shop, the result will highly likely be the positive one. The procedure is not cheap, if it is done by real professionals, but if you decided to apply the image of your choice, you will want to do it the best way you can, as you will have to live it for the years to come. Good luck with that!


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