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What to Do in Berlin – Tips from Locals

What to Do in Berlin – Tips from Locals

The best museums, biergartens, and amusement parks – do not miss out on a single attraction. The below recommendations from locals will make your trip to Berlin impossible to forget! As always, the trip should start with the choice of the destination, planning itinerary, making a plan of sightseeing, and estimation of the necessary budget.

Where to Lead to in Berlin?

When you are going with the charter bus rental in Germany, the only thing you have to do is to decide where to go and what to do in the area. The company does the rest for you. It does take care of your comfort and safety, thus, making your traveling experience royal. Going to Berlin? It’s time to check the following! 

1. Berlin Wall Memorial

The best place to learn more about the Berlin Wall and the post-war division of Germany is the official Berlin Wall memorial at Bernauer Strasse, north of the center. The border ran along the facades of houses, the inhabitants of which were taken out before the start of the construction of the wall. However, they were saved from the GDR at all costs – sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Take a walk along the wall to feel the atmosphere of the “death strip,” which for many years determined the life of Berliners.

Before going to the memorial, it is recommended to start with an East Side Gallery that is an outside-located gallery of art masterpieces, the biggest in the world as the length is about 0.8 miles. More than 100 artists from 21 countries drew the pictures on the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

2. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

The Berlin Philharmonic is without a doubt one of the best in the world. The interior of the Philharmonic with the terraces of chairs around the stage was considered revolutionary when the hall was opened 50 years ago. Do not miss the free concerts that take place here on Tuesday at lunchtime. Both promising young and world-famous musicians perform on stage. Come 30-45 minutes before the start in order to have time to occupy the chair. Those who are late will sit in the lobby!

3. Three Viewing Platforms

The panoramas of Berlin are quite “flat:” there are almost no high-rise buildings and natural hills. But you can still enjoy panoramic views. One of such places is Panoramapunkt at the top of the Kollhoff brick tower on Potsdamer Platz, in the very center of Berlin. From here, both the old and the new city are easy to see. Grab a beer and enjoy the romantic sunset views. 

4. Unusual Excursion

Dozens of tours drive around Berlin, but best of all are excursions conducted by small groups in lesser-known tourist areas. Their history is no less interesting than that of the center. Such a tour provides an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of Berlin and Berliners. 

5. Market at Markthalle, 9

Only two of the thirteen large Berlin markets have survived to this day. The beautiful trading room at number 9 in Kreuzberg, was built in 1891, is now proud of one of the city’s best farmers markets. This is the perfect place to buy fresh, seasonal produce. Kantine Restaurant serves excellent organic and fruit dinners every day. Every Thursday night, there is also a popular street food market, and on Sundays, you can buy locally made sweets and souvenirs at the “special” market. On market days, the new Heidenpeters microbrewery sells its signature ale. Do not lose your chance to see that all with your own eyes!

6. The Island of Museums

In Berlin, there is an island where five museums are located. During World War II, it was almost destroyed, however, it has been rebuilt and is now under UNESCO protection, being the World Heritage Site. Besides, the island can be admired from the dome of the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom). This is one more unique place in the city to visit.

7. Tiergarten

This is the green area beloved by the citizens of Berlin. That is a huge park where people come to enjoy the fresh air and relax from a tiring routine. The Residence of the President is also located in this park – Schloss Bellevue.

Berlin is the city where a traveler can dive into the historical events of World War II, enjoy nature, and admire cultural heritage. That is a must-visit city that should be put on a list of destinations to travel to.


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