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What to Look for When Shopping for a Shower Cabin

What to Look for When Shopping for a Shower Cabin

A great addition to any bathroom is a shower cabin. So, if you are hunting for the best one that will fit your bathroom and your budget, then you must consider some things before deciding on which one to buy. There are steam showers, framed and frameless enclosures, and others. Here are some things to keep in mind when hunting for shower cabins.


If you need an enclosure that supports limited mobility, there are models that come equipped with handrailsas well as retractable chairs and wheelchair-friendly spaces that will make it easy to shower even without assistance. If you are after the health benefits of steam showering, then a steam shower is right for you. It promotes better circulation, respiration and releases tension in the body. Determine the purpose of the shower cabin before you buy one, so you can fully benefit from it.


There are glass enclosures that can either be transparent or opaque. You can choose depending on your preference. Glass enclosures can also be framed, semi-framed or frameless, but they don’t contribute to the enclosure’s privacy. You can also have your glass panels custom-made if you want only certain portions of the glass to be opaque.


Choose the enclosure that will allow you to move freely in it but will not cramp the whole bathroom space. Enclosures come in different sizes, and depending on the floor area of your bathroom, the most suitable one should still allow you to move around the bathroom to do other things without being hindered.


Make sure that the seals are tight to prevent any leaks. Magnetic door seals are best for preventing leaks. It is never a good thing to come into a bathroom and see the floor is all covered in water.

Clean up

Choose a glass enclosure that is easy to clean and maintain. Some shower stalls come with pre-treated glass panels that are much easier to clean. Wiping down the panels after each use will help keep it clean and avoid soap buildupfrom happening.


Not all enclosures have the same fittings. Make sure that your choice will be suitable for your bathroom’s existing fittings. For the best results, it is always advisable to have it done by a qualified installer. The finish of the enclosure should also hide any unsightly protrusions of the fixings. Strips and cover caps will do the job.

If you think that remodellingyour bathroom to add a shower cabin will be a walk in the park and you can try doing the job yourself, think again. Unless you are an installer yourself, it is best left in the hands of a qualified one to ensure that everything is in place, and every single component is taken care of. It may set you back some more money to hire an installer, but it will be much cheaper than if you do it yourself and experience some leaks and other issues over time, which you will need to pay a repairman to fix.



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