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What To Look For When Shopping For Golf Clothes

What To Look For When Shopping For Golf Clothes

When you hear “golfer” and “golfing,” you automatically think of something classy and with proper etiquette.  

One of the main rules of proper etiquette in playing golf is how one is dressed. Golf isn’t just an ordinary sport where wearing a jersey and cleats is enough. When playing golf, the attire worn is entirely different from any other sport, which makes it unique. Any golfer would want to be in something comfortable to be able to move freely. In addition to that, most country clubs have rules in what should be worn.

The first step when looking for the perfect attire is to find the best store that sells the right golfing clothes. Anyone can find a golf shoe or polo shirt, but if you are considering taking golfing seriously, it would be best to try on clothes with high quality. There are numerous options of stores to choose from. From online shops such as The Golf Society to a sport clothing outlet near you.

But how does one know if they’re underdressed or overdressed in a golf course? Below is a guideline on what could be worn on the course.

Polo Shirt

This is a no-brainer. A polo shirt is the best option for both men and women. This is also one of the most important dress code rules that country clubs are highly strict of. It is not only comfortable but wearing a polo shirt also makes one look classy.

On the other hand, women are advised to wear collared shirts that do not expose the midriff. They have to dress more conservatively than they usually do in an office. Women have to keep in mind that not all golf fashion can be brought to every golf course. Dress codes always depend on the strictness of a golf club.

Khakis and Golf Slacks

Exclusive country clubs do not allow players to wear blue-distressed-faded jeans. Wearing a denim trouser may not look “proper” and look out of place at private country clubs hence the reason for the golden rule.

In replacement to jeans, pants from linen to khaki to cotton, or in cold weather- wool, is always an exception. For women, classy capri pants, skirts, skorts, and culottes will work out very nicely for golf attire. In addition to this, look out for pants that have belt loops.

Golf Shoes

If soccer players wear cleats, and basketball players wear sneakers/basketball shoes, golfers also have their unique type of shoes when playing golf.

Most country clubs prefer golfers to wear professional shoes in which some clubs sell metal or rubber spike shoes. However, the metal spikes have been banned for most of the clubs as it deteriorates the grass. These professional shoes are designed for the player to keep his/her balance during a swing on grass or wet weather.

Players who are not able to purchase professional shoes can also wear running shoes.

Shorts Are Great

Wearing shorts when playing golf is always a good idea especially when it’s summertime. However, most country clubs do not allow men and women to wear short shorts. The shorts should be tailored for it to look casual and should be just above the knee, not any higher. Like pants, shorts with belt hoops are better off worn.

Cold Weather Attire

Believe it or not, golfers do not choose any weather when it comes to playing. When the cold weather hits and you have a game of golf, wearing a sweater, windbreaker, fleece vest or jacket is always a good idea. Adding a hat or scarf may also help any golfer in the cold. Country clubs are not particularly strict when it comes to trying to keep yourself warm on the golf course.

Final Thoughts

These are the main clothing that one should look out for when searching for golf attires.  When you are unsure of what to wear, never hesitate to call the club. Remember that the dress code is not to limit a person, but rather to show respect to other players.


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