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What to Pack in Your Case When Visiting New York City

What to Pack in Your Case When Visiting New York City

If you’re heading for the Big Apple for the first time, you may be wondering what to bring. While the obvious travel essentials like toiletries and sunglasses will surely be on your list by now, there are certain items that will be especially useful in NYC.  It’s always helpful to pack light, but here are six things to include in your suitcase before you leave.

A comfy pair of shoes

During your time in New York City, you will be hopping on and off buses and subways or walking to your destination. This is more affordable than taking a cab everywhere, and it’s a lovely way to soak in the city that never sleeps. It’s important that you are comfortable on your feet and not having to cut your day short because of inappropriate footwear. According to blogger Wanderlusting K, a native New Yorker, walking is often the fastest way to travel shorter distances and public transit is excellent.  

A Guidebook

New York City can be tricky to navigate for tourists, so it is useful to have all the required maps and information available. Hard-copy guidebooks are widely available at book stores and airports, or you can access a free downloadable guidebook to keep handy on your phone. This guide includes maps for the subway and hop-on-hop-off buses as well as a list of attractions to visit.

A great camera

Capturing the memories of any holiday is important, and the picturesque NYC certainly calls for a great camera. You will want to snap the Empire State Building and infamous New York skyline so that you can look back at some great memories. Choosist can help you find the perfect camera by taking your ability, budget, and preferences into account. You simply answer a few questions before being shown to a selection of cameras that are suitable for you. 

Anti-bacterial gel or hand sanitizer

You’ll be out and about, stopping at food trucks, touching the subway seats and just generally hanging out in a densely populated city that sees about 50 million tourists each year. To prevent any germs spoiling your trip, clean your hands regularly with an anti-bacterial gel and avoid touching your face.

An umbrella

NYC is the second wettest US state reports The Physics Factbook. That means there’s a fairly high probability that you will see a few rainy days during your stay. Bring a small retractable umbrella to have on hand when you’re walking the streets of New York. 

At least one killer outfit

While traveling is often about comfort, and we tend to care less about our appearance on vacation, New York City has an exciting nightlife and some truly amazing restaurants. Make sure that you have something in your suitcase that will be appropriate for a night out on the town. Something simple, paired with accessories is always a safe bet.


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