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What Tools Does Your Startup Need?

What Tools Does Your Startup Need?

Every day, there are more and more entrepreneurs starting their businesses all around the world! The big reason for this is the advent of technology – using it, you can start making money from the comfort of your own home. This is why so many people choose to do it exactly this way. However, that means you rely on technology and software you use to run your business.

The problem then becomes a huge abundance of tools. With so many on the market, finding the ones that will help you going can be difficult! Luckily, there are some staples to project management for digital agencies that can help guide you when picking your software. Today, we take a look at some of the essential tools that your startup needs to run smoothly.

Tools that will help you manage tasks are a must

The first thing you will want is to find the best way to tackle your projects. They are the foundation of every startup, no matter how big or small they are. A lot of projects are the best way to get your income and keep your business running. They are the way you connect both with clients and shareholders as well as your clients.

Of course, those funding your business will want these projects to succeed. And so, as a project manager, it is your job to ensure this comes to fruition. And the best and easiest way to do this is through a good project management tool!

There is much that you can look into – the internet is filled with a huge variety of PM software. Luckily, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when finding the right one for you. Most importantly, you will want a tool that helps you organize the work around your team’s needs. Different teams have different workflows, and there are different tools that work with these. Some thrive with to-do lists while others prosper best with Gantt charts, and so on. You’re the project manager, so it’s your job to figure this out.

Track your time smartly to optimize your workflow

After you have created your workflow with a good project management tool, it’s time to think about how you will track the time your team spends on their work. Luckily, these tools usually come as a part of a good project management tool – but knowing about them will help you know what to look for!

Tracking your time is important, though, so do not underestimate it. It can help you get a clear insight into how efficient your time is. Are there areas and tasks that they struggle with? Is there something they blow through with ease? You will know all of this with proper time-tracking!

What’s more, you will get an overview of the whole workflow. With this, you will be able to adjust and modify it to better fit your team. If there is something that your team struggles with, then you can give them more time, or invest more resources into the task. Similarly, if something seems easy, you might want to give your team more time to focus even more on the task – or just allocate this time elsewhere. Thanks to this, you will be able to make the process run more smoothly – and you will get a better “project output” in turn.

Good communication leads to great collaboration

Another thing that is essential to any startup is good communication. Especially in the climate when there are so many teams working remotely, communication tools are a foundation part of all up-and-coming businesses.

When looking into what tool to grab for communication, keep in mind that you want the flow of information to be fast and easy. You should create a platform where you can openly talk about ideas – but the speed in which you share these is essential. After all, this speed is the main reason so many people are opting to move away from emailing and switching to other communication tools.

This is due to the opportunity to collaborate on projects together. Once your team can exchange ideas and brainstorm with ease, things will be much easier and smoother. So, make sure that you are using tools that encourage this in order to get the best results!

Think about the best storage options for your startup

Finally, you should also consider the way you will store your information. This is important in all digital companies – especially when your team is in different locations, working remotely. Sending things over email is out of the question! Not only are there limits to what you can send, but this is also inefficient and sometimes unsafe.

The best solution for this comes in the form of a variety of cloud storage you can look into. These are the best way to share and store information when working with a remote team. They usually also offer huge storing capabilities and ease of access for everybody. All you will need to look for is security – however, a lot of cloud storage services nowadays offer amazing safety measures.

To conclude, there are many ways in which technology can help you manage and even boost your business. However, the key is to focus on the optimization and automatization of your tasks. Focusing on efficiency and empowering your team will lead to the best results – and you will end up with a great and productive team!

About the author: Content writer at Nifty, the leader in project management tools. Petar Djordjevic balances between his Mathematics studies and his love of writing. At the moment, he is also learning about content optimization and ways to boost website users’ experience while finishing his stud

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