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What Type of Litter Box Is Appropriate for Your Cat?

What Type of Litter Box Is Appropriate for Your Cat?

Finding an appropriate litter box for your cat is often a challenging task. You need to consider your cat’s size, preference, aesthetics, and their litter habits. Some cats tend to make a mess by kicking their litter, while many may sit quietly, take their dump, and go away. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find a pile of litter around the box. So, you need to invest time researching for the best litter box for your cat. Fortunately, this handy guide below covers all the crucial points to help you find one:

1.    Hooded litter box

Many litter boxes come with a hood with a size that fits almost any cat. They are spacious, and your cat won’t face any problems while pooping. The door offers the privacy that your cat deserves. Since the hood lifts up, you can clean the dump effortlessly. These boxes also come with a carbon-trapped filter that absorbs the unpleasant smell of your cat’s poop. In addition to the litter box, you should also buy a cat litter free of dust to ensure that your cat has something to dig at while doing its business under the hood. Choose a clay litter because they are easy to clean and can absorb the odor of the dump.

2.    Home décor litter box

Another litter box variant that your cat will love because it does not look like a traditional litter box at all. At first glance, it looks like a clay pot with a plant, but as you turn it around, there’s a big hole and space inside for your cat to poop. This disguised litter box is a favorite among many cat owners because it matches the aesthetics of their house. Although it is costly compared to other litter boxes, you won’t regret paying for it because of its style and design.

3.    Functional litter box

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly litter box, it will be best to get a no-frills litter box for your cat. These are affordable, and the space it offers is comfortable enough for your cat to turn and move around while doing its business. It doesn’t come with a hood or any top cover, but the walls on three sides are tall enough to accommodate your cat easily. These boxes are also equipped with a removable litter guard that everything remains inside even if your cat jumps inside the box and plays with the litter.

4.    The self-cleaning litter box

Do you have multiple cats in your house, and you are tired of frequently cleaning their litter boxes? If that’s the case, then a self-cleaning litter box will come to your rescue. These are big enough for two cats to fit inside. There is a grill attached inside the litter box that catches the dump when you turn the box upside down. When you turn it to its usual position, the pull-out tray separates the dirty litter. All you need to do is empty the tray, and the litter box is clean.

While choosing a litter box always keep your cat’s litter habits in mind. Your budget and cleaning preference matter too, but your cat’s habits should be the deciding factors.

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