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What will happen to the Premier League now?

What will happen to the Premier League now?

Everything was going to plan in the Premier League and then came COVID-19. Now the season has been suspended at least until the end of April. Will the 2019/20 season be played out until its conclusion or will it be scrapped?

It’s a situation that has only ever really be seen during wartime. Most teams have nine Premier League games to play (Manchester City, Sheffield United, Arsenal and Aston Villa have ten fixtures remaining) and there is still a lot to be decided.

Not who is going to win the title of course. Liverpool have a 25-point lead at the top. If they were to win their next game and City lost theirs, then that would be it, game over and the trophy heads to Anfield. But will we get to see another Premier League game played this season?

If all the teams had played the same number of games, then there could be an argument to end the season now. However, Sheffield United could climb up to fifth (the Europa League qualification place) if they win their game in hand. Down at the bottom, a win for Aston Villa in their game in hand would see them escape the bottom three.

It’s a difficult situation mainly down to finances. Clubs such as Manchester United and Tottenham can argue they could yet qualify for the Champions League. The bottom three can say they could find some form and keep their places in the Premier League and all the money that entails.

The cancelation of Euro 2020 has freed up space for domestic league seasons to be completed. It may be that when the season does continue, it is rushed through in the matter of a few weeks. Any team that has an injury crisis is going to have a nightmare period that could cost them dearly. 

If the season does have to be scrapped, as is happening in lower leagues, it is going to be unfair on Liverpool. Clubs must admit though that this crisis is more important than sport. However, tell that to the accountants who see an absence of gate revenue 

It’s not just the Premier League clubs that are being affected by this crisis. Bookmakers are missing out on revenue during this period of inaction. A look online will show you just how much emphasis is placed on the Premier League. 

A visit to will show you just why they are tops for football coupons but it’s all a bit difficult at present. No one could have imagined that in March, our top football bets would be on the Belarus Premier League and the Esports Quaranteam Tournament. More emphasis is being placed on virtual sports and casino games to keep revenues ticking over.

None of us know how long this situation is going to continue for. Ending the Premier League season and preparing for the next is the ideal solution. Whether that will happen just isn’t known, prepare for a few arguments when the next step is announced. 

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