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What You Didn’t Know About the Super Bowl 2022

What You Didn’t Know About the Super Bowl 2022

Looking for rare facts about the Super Bowl? Take a look at eight surprising facts that we’ve discovered.

The Super Bowl is the biggest televised event in the US. Over a hundred million fans tuned in this past February, all to bear witness to the Los Angeles Rams’ 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

From Super Bowl odds to merchandise sales, those millions of fans have shown their dedication to football in as many ways as they possibly can. However, even the most die-hard fans may not know about some of the interesting tidbits we’ve dug up.

No matter how obscure they may be, the facts we’ve found are as compelling as they are quirky. Read on to find out eight fascinating facts about the Super Bowl. 

’Free’ entertainment

Did you know that celebrities who perform at the Super Bowl don’t get paid? The NFL covers production costs and all the rest of it, but there are no paychecks for performers. No matter how high-profile they are, every performer is there purely for exposure.

Seeing that the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV event, it’s easy to understand why the biggest artists in entertainment can’t wait to get on stage. Take Justin Timberlake, for example, whose album sales went up by over 500% straight after his Super Bowl appearance.

Most appearances

The team with the most Super Bowl appearances is the New England Patriots, with a record 11 Super Bowl finals. In comparison, the Rams have five appearances, while the Bengals only have three.

With six Super Bowl titles, the Patriots are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most championship titles. However, with only eight Super Bowl appearances at this point, the Steelers are at an advantage in terms of win/loss ratio.

Lost and found footage

Many NFL fans will know when and where the first Super Bowl took place and that it was the Green Bay Packers who walked away with a 35-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. However, what’s often overlooked is that the footage of that game has a somewhat tumultuous history.

Amazingly, the original footage was apparently taped over, replaced by a popular soap opera of the 60s, no less. All hope of recovering any footage was lost until the NFL revealed that they had a copy of the game that was intact.

It would turn out to be a bittersweet revelation, as the footage was merely stitched together from several broadcasts, with the patchwork commentary of several sports pundits talking over what amounted to a series of choppy highlight clips.

Foodies and football

The Super Bowl makes us hungry, but that craving seems to be for a specific type of food. Every Super Bowl, Americans devour an astonishing amount of avocados and chicken wings. So much so, in fact, that on the Monday after, antacid sales spiked by 20%.

After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the second biggest ‘day’ of food consumption in the US. Clearly, food and football are attached at the hip. They may not make for a healthy combination, but they sure do make us happy.

Youngest coaches ever

This year’s Super Bowl was the first to feature two coaches younger than 40 years old. Sean McVay and Zac Taylor are 36 and 38, making them the youngest coaches to go head-to-head in NFL history.

McVay, head coach of the Rams, is the youngest coach ever to take a team to the Super Bowl. He’s also the youngest to win one, beating out Steelers coach Mike Tomlin by less than a year in terms of age.

Biggest bet

“Mattress Mack” is a name that will be well-known to NFL bettors. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale holds the record for the biggest NFL bet ever made. He wagered $9 million on the Bengals winning their first Super Bowl. Unfortunately, we all know how that turned out.

The biggest win of Super Bowl 2022 was from a bet of over $500,000, which was placed on the Rams as a 4-point favorite. Most big bets were in favor of the Bengals, with Mattress Mack’s being the largest mobile wager in sports betting history.

Balls, balls, balls

Wilson produces a staggering amount of footballs for each and every Super Bowl. Around 120 balls are made for matchday, but what’s impressive is that every single ball is handmade.

Every ball that Wilson produces goes through a stringent manufacturing process. Every process is strictly monitored, from dimensions and weight to notches and stitching. The balls are then tested, certified, and sent on their way.


Many of us look forward to the ad breaks and halftime shows of the Super Bowl. This year’s event was no different, with over 70 commercials shown during the event. That’s 45 minutes of ads for a 60-minute game of football.

Advertisers know how valuable the Super Bowl is for business. How do we know this? By looking at the ludicrous amounts of money they’re willing to spend on such premium ad space. For instance,

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