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What you need to Do If You Get into a Car Accident

What you need to Do If You Get into a Car Accident

Car accidents are very common in all parts of the world. While they do cause a lot of trauma, it is important that everyone understands the laws pertaining to car accidents.

There are four things you need to prove if you want to recover compensation from a car accident:

You have to show that you have obeyed the rules of the road and have operated your vehicle in a reasonable manner.

You have to offer evidence such as traffic surveillance video, eyewitness testimony or any circumstantial evidence, to prove that the defendant has breached that duty.

You have to prove the element of causation by producing medical testimony.

You have to prove that the accident has caused harm and damage to you or your vehicle. Once you prove this harm, you can claim compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages, and the pain and grief that the accident has caused.

There are a few steps you need to follow once you get involved with a car accident:

Step #1: Remain silent about who is to blame

One of the most common mistakes potential litigants tend to make after a crash is admitting their faults. Although out-of-court statements are not accepted as evidence, there are chances that your apology can be used against you. 

Step #2: Gather information about the accident

Gathering as much information as possible about the accident is very important if you want to recover compensation. Use your smart phone to record anything spoken by the other driver in the chaos of the accident scene. Don’t forget to write down the name of the driver, his address, his license number, and any information pertaining to his insurance.

If there are any eyewitnesses to the accident, it pays to preserve their contact information and record their descriptions about the accident. Also take pictures of the vehicles, the road, traffic signs if any, crosswalks, the weather conditions, and the traffic as soon as possible after the accident. Once the police arrive at the spot, make it a point to get their names and contact details. This can help in getting copies of their reports easily.

Step #3: Seek immediate medical attention

Seeking immediate medical attention is very important after a car accident. Many a times you may not notice the injuries in the chaos of the accident; but they can become pronounced with time. Failing to seek immediate medical attention can give an opportunity to the attorney of the other driver to belittle the severity of your injuries. 

Step #4: Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible

This is the step that will have the maximum impact when it comes to preserving your right to compensation after a car accident. Without the help of an attorney, you may be left vulnerable to the tactics that the opposing side’s insurance company might use, against you. If you are not careful, you may be pushed into waiving your legal rights and accepting an unfair settlement. If your car accident has happened anywhere near Houston, Joe Stephen’s Law Firm would be a great place to contact. Make sure you consult an attorney before signing anything given to you.

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