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What You Need To Know About The Automated Moving Process

What You Need To Know About The Automated Moving Process

As customers, we often neglect what moving companies do for us to make such a significant milestone easier and a lot less stressful. Although it is their job to do these things for us, it pays to know the process that occurs behind the scenes. This way, we can anticipate potential hiccups that may occur along the way.

Over the years, moving firms have transitioned from spreadsheets and paperwork to full automation. This led to countless improvements in their service that benefited not just the company but their clients as well.

Why Moving Companies Are Automating Their Processes

In this technologically advanced era, almost every aspect of our lives has become automated. From food processing to waste management, there are only very few industries that have yet to succumb to the tempting promise of less manual labor.

One of the main reasons why many moving companies have decided to automate processes is because of its lower overhead costs.

Automation can also help make moving easier for customers as it bridges the physical gap that may hinder a company from extending their services to people beyond their geographical target market.

Moving Truck

Automation in the relocation industry also promotes a more personalized customer experience since the firm can already respond to their queries, complaints, and suggestions with just a click of a button.

How The Automation Process Occurs

Although the term has already been used quite a lot these days, it still pays to identify the scope of automation in terms of moving companies. Generally, it involves utilizing a solid data bank on their customers to make the process of moving from one house to another easier.

Below are 6 key features of an effective automated move management system, according to system provider Move HQ:

1. Customized Moving Management System

A good automated system incorporates customized tools that answer a specific need of the firm or its clients. This means that the companies services should be accessible to customers via the said system.

2. Automated Workflow Tools

The workflow within the company should also be easier, thanks to automation. This means that every department in the company—from operations to collection and customer service—should be able to access the same customer data to make their services personalized and consistent.

3. Driver Device Independence

Drivers should also be able to use the moving management system with ease no matter what device they use.

4. Warehouse Management System

Since some relocation firms offer storage for their clients, it should also be integrated into the system so that customers can access it.

This aspect of the system can include invoice generation, detailed inventory, and summary of items stored with photos, and barcode assignments to track damage at the warehouse and driver levels for a more stringent accountability among the company’s staff.

5. Integrated Customer Relations Management (CRM) System

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any service-oriented business, but it is particularly tricky for moving companies. After all, the firm takes responsibility for their client’s precious belongings.

Because of this, a good CRM system is something that can provide a clear oversight of an account’s progress through the residential transfer. It also the best avenue to educate customers about the processes and protocols the company employees follow to avoid misunderstandings.

6. Comprehensive Onboarding Process

This part of the management system allows employees to learn the automation process thoroughly, allowing them to deliver the quality of service the company aims offers their clients.

With automation at the helm of the moving process, customers like us find it easier to learn how things are done by the professionals. It also provides a great insight into how our money is being spent through better transparency and customer service. Would you opt for a moving company that maximizes automation to their clients’ advantage?

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