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What You Need to Know About Trends in the Coffee Industry

What You Need to Know About Trends in the Coffee Industry

The coffee industry is growing year by year. The reason for this is a high demand from the coffee lovers on excellence of the product quality. These days it is not enough just to make a good coffee with syrups or spices, everybody wants to drink the best coffee in the world. In pursuit of clients, the companies and little coffee places propose brand new drinks with coffee.

Almost every coffee shop offers at least one own unique and “special” blend of coffee.

The role of the barista is getting more significant. Now they are the central characters, the wizards of aroma and blend, they are becoming the mixologists. Some of them even create their own “barista coffee” blends, especially for certain quests. The profession is becoming fashionable, and the barista competitions are getting more popular.

Unexpected drinks combinations, special savory snacks served with coffee, accents for milk, chicory and other coffee trends that may change a conscious of coffee drinkers in nearest future are gathered in our article.By the way, you can try to order essay online because specialists write a lot about coffee and other food themes in very short terms.

Cold brew coffee or coffee brewed in a cold mode is getting more pop, especially in hot seasons. This is a splendid alternative to cold soda drinks and, over and above, it allows to recreate and to freshen yourself up. The particularity that distinguishes this method of brewing from the coffee that just got cold is that it is full body and has a soft taste as it is made at low temperatures near room temperature or lower and it is “brewing” during several hours. It may be very invigorating like Asskicker, for example.

Some of the producers propose to pour over this coffee to bottles and to some of the coffee places make it for their visitors. If you wish, you can also try to make it at home, it is quite simple, and above all, you can experiment with the sorts, water, and temperature as you like. The results may surpass expectations.


One of the global industry trends came to Estonia several years ago and fixated well enough for the moment. It supposes that you add a flat teaspoon of sweet drawn butter in a cup with your morning coffee or coconut oil instead of milk.

By virtue of high oil content, this method of brewing helps to diminish the quantity of drank coffee during a day and to furnish the fullness sensation for a longer period.

Some of the cultures let us say, Ethiopia, the butter is added to a coffee traditionally. On the West, this method was popularized by one businessman from USA Dave Asprey who tasted it for the first time ever in Tibet.


Increasing attention is paid to a quality of milk added to a coffee drink. The day is not far away when the milk in the cafes will be presented in a separate menu and divided by producers, farms and cow breeds.

In the forefront of a healthy lifestyle, the quests refuse the milk of animal origin. The coffee houses followed this and these days it is absolutely necessary to have soya milk latte instead of cow milk latte, but it is not enough. Good barista arsenal must present milk of coconut or almond’s, hazelnut’s or walnut nut’s milk, etc. And this is not just a mechanical replacement of one ingredient for another – the vegetable oil makes drinks different, and it requires the correction of the recipes. Even though you don’t drink bovine milk, try someday a cappuccino on some vegetable milk for new flavor experience. It will have another texture and unusual taste.


Nitro is another great alternative idea of making coffee. It is an excellent combination of cold brew coffee filled with gaseous nitrogen which flavors it with an unequaled smooth, creamy taste. It may be prepared and filled and saved in kegs. Those who appreciate new tastes will see its true value.

Authenticity and special style

The consumers are knowledgeable in sorts of coffee beans and regions of their vegetation. They know whether they like the drink from beans, grown on one small plantation or the combination to their own tastes. At the same time, the audience is still studying up on various types of roast, cultivation or preparation of coffee. People also attach great importance to the using of freshly brewed beans. The era of coffee only from coffee machines is almost over, and everyone can enjoy this drink in any possible way.

It is obvious that factory-made syrups are getting the lot for “take away” locations and giants coffee franchises. Every advanced coffee place accentuates its individuality as possible – authorial drinks or snacks, natural ingredients and so on. Violet sugar, home-made syrups, caramel and dried flowers and other almost magical components – all this is included in barista’s palette.

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