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What You Should Know Before Moving To NYC



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Planning a move to New York City soon? What do you expect to find there when you arrive? Is it spacious, cheap accommodation? A low cost of living maybe? Or even plenty of personal space? 

If so, think again. This sprawling metropolis is unlike any other city in the US and so is life here. For that reason, here’s what you should know before moving to New York City.

1: Ample Living Space is a Myth

If you expect to find a cheap, spacious apartment in New York, think again. The average one-bedroom apartment costs $2,850 in rent each month, according to Rent Jungle. A two bedroom one? Make that $3,725. Yet despite these prices, the living spaces are notoriously cramped. In fact, consider yourself lucky if you fit anything but basic furniture in them.

2: It’s Hard to Save Money Here

High rents are not the only expense to deal with in New York. Groceries come at a premium price, too, thanks to the high local taxes. After only buying six food items or so, you easily rack up a $100 bill. And then there are the alcoholic drinks, which cost even more per piece – $15. So how do the locals make ends meet? When they first move here, they don’t.

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Managing their finances as before, they deplete their bank accounts, max out their credit cards, and default on their payments. Then they wise up and take out bad credit loans to keep them afloat. Soon, the bad credit loans monthly payments are behind them. And now that they’re on their feet, they cut back on their spending and live more frugally. 

3: The City Never Goes Silent

In New York, the blaring of car horns and police sirens never ceases. Nor do the shouts of unruly pedestrians, the sounds of street performers, or the noises from the many construction sites. With such a vibrant soundscape all around you, never expect to have a silent moment in this city, especially during the day. 

What about the nights? They’re no better, thanks to the dull hum of traffic, more sirens, and the laughter of party goers. So like most New Yorkers, learn to live with the noise. 

4: Personal Space is Unheard of

As the US Census Bureau reports, 26,000 people are crammed into each square mile of New York City. This astonishing statistic means only one thing. That personal space is unheard of here, the most densely populated urban area in the US. 

Wherever you are – be it in the subway, on the street, or in an elevator – someone is either pushing into or bumping into you. Even in Central Park, where you expect to find some privacy, you’re surrounded by more joggers, cyclists, and pet owners than you’d like. 

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5: Times Square is Best Left to Tourists

With its fancy lights, giant TV screens, and memorable street performances, the iconic Times Square should attract the locals before it attracts anyone else. But no. New Yorkers give it as wide a berth as possible. And so will you after becoming one.

Why? In a word: tourists. They throng the square, crowding it and making it hardly enjoyable for anyone but themselves. Also, the tourist-centric street performances lose their appeal after a while.

Unlike other US cities, New York poses unique challenges. It’s densely populated, expensive, and thronging with people and activities. After all, it is the ‘city that never sleeps.’ However, you can enjoy life here, provided you’re willing to adapt. 


Indigenous Climate Warriors in Times Square



(Photo by Honor the Earth)

On Tuesday September 19, 2023, the Indigenous peoples took to the frontlines of the climate crisis on Turtle Island and took over Times Square painting a giant mural with the message, “No Green Colonialism; Land Back NOW!”

This mural came the day before the UN Climate Ambition Summit, where world leaders are expected to come together and make decisions around the climate crisis.

The Indigenous communities are organizing to push back on the Biden Administration’s push toward solutions to the climate crisis that threaten the lives of Indigenous people across Turtle Island, which they call “Green Colonialism.” “For too long, Native lands and communities have borne the brunt of harm from mining and other extractive industries. As the federal government moves to support clean energy development, this cannot come at the expense of clean water or Indigenous rights. This familiar assault on Native lands and communities is another wave of colonialism, and we will not stand by and allow our lands to be sacrificed,” Krystal Two Bulls,  executive director of the national Indigenous organization Honor the Earth said in a press release.

The mining projects violate treaty rights and threaten clean water and land in places such as Thacker Pass, Oak Flat , and the Talon-Tamarak mine near the Mississippi headwaters.

We should all be fighting this fight!


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Sunday’s Broadway Forever Concert Postponed Until October 15



Today, Broadway Forever announced that the Sunday, September 24th concert will be postponed to Sunday, October 15th at 11:00AM due to expected severe weather in New York City. The Sunday, October 15th concert will take place at Lou Gehrig Plaza in the Bronx (East 161st Street, Grandview Place).

A complete line up of appearances and performances will be announced soon.

For the second consecutive year, NY Forever, in partnership with City National Bank, the New York City Department of Transportation and 161st Street Business Improvement District presents Broadway Forever,empowering New Yorkers across the city to build a better city for all.

Fans will have the opportunity to sign up for future community service opportunities in all five boroughs, which will be coordinated by New York Cares and their partner organizations.

Broadway stars performing throughout New York City celebrate the creativity and resilience that is intrinsic to the city – and provide an opportunity to recognize the volunteers and community organizers who work hard to make New York a better place. The concerts will bring Broadway entertainment to DOT’s Public Space Programming, a city initiative that brings free activities to public spaces.

The events are produced and staged by 6W Entertainment, with additional support from New York Cares and the Times Square Alliance.

For more information about City National, visit the company’s website at

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TerrorVision Opens To Scare You More Than New York Ever Could



Last night TerrorVision – Live Screaming Your Nightmares, an immersive haunted house flickers to life at Horrorwood Studios, 300 West 43rd. Expect to scream as you go behind the filming of the upcoming TerrorVision Halloween episode. Things go terribly awry, the screen shatters and guests are suddenly cast as the unwitting new star, as gruesome creatures seek to attack around every corner. Snow, wind, giant creatures and special effects will invade your senses. Over 140 actors inhabit the world of TerrorVision, which is over 20,000 square of darkened hallways, haunted rooms, passageways and fright, making it one of the largest theatrical experiences in New York City.

In 2022, TERROR premiered their first horror endeavor, NYC’s largest haunted house, ‘BEDLAM’, in the former Ripley’s Believe it or Not on West 42nd Street, selling more than 20,000 tickets and running for 19 days.

The team behind TerrorVision has designed for the some of the largest horror experiences in the industry, ranging from theme parks to Broadway productions, and large immersive events in NYC and in Europe. Co-artistic directors Will Munro and Katie McGeoch have spent more than two decades as the heads of Six Flags’ Fright Fest.

Tickets, begin at $39, are available at, with early bird pricing available until September 19.

The cool part is you can choose your level of Terror: General Admission – This is the standard level of scary, heart pounding fun. “Chicken” ticket – This allows guests to wear a special amulet to become “invisible” to the monsters. This is perfect for those who do not want to be touched by the ghouls, though still get some residual scares. And the Ultimate Terror – Suited for the most brave guests only, this upgrade will ensure you’re targeted throughout the experience. Bring a change of underwear, you’re going to need it.

***All three levels can also add the RIP/VIP immediate entry upgrade, which skips the general admission line.There is an upcharge for the “Chicken” and Ultimate Terror ticket. Pricing varies nightly.

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The Metropolitan Opera Coming To Times Square



On September 26, 2023 from 6:oo PM9:25 PM a 17-year tradition continues as the Metropolitan Opera once again partners with the Times Square Alliance to simulcast its season-opening opera, Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking, live for free on the iconic screens of Times Square.

American composer Jake Heggie’s masterpiece, the most widely performed new opera of the last 20 years, has its highly anticipated Met premiere, in a haunting new production by Ivo van Hove. Based on Sister Helen Prejean’s memoir about her fight for the soul of a condemned murderer, Dead Man Walking matches the high drama of its subject with Heggie’s beautiful and poignant music and a brilliant libretto by Terrence McNally. Met Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin takes the podium for this landmark premiere, with mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato starring as Sister Helen. The outstanding cast also features bass-baritone Ryan McKinny as the death-row inmate Joseph De Rocher, soprano Latonia Moore as Sister Rose, and legendary mezzo-soprano Susan Graham—who sang Helen Prejean in the opera’s 2000 premiere—as De Rocher’s mother.

Attendance is free, and no tickets are required. Free seating is available on Duffy Square and the Broadway Plazas between 43rd and 44th Streets and 46th and 47th Streets, respectively.

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Konark Sun Temple Comes To Times Square



Celebrating India’s 77th Independence Day August 15,  a stone art inspired by The Konark Sun Temple was put on displayed in Times Square. The piece was made by Amaresh Chandra Bindhani and team from Odisha, India and is available to see at 44th Street and Broadway until August 22.

The artwork shows 24 wheels of the Konark Sun Temple, giving a glimpse of the rich Indian heritage and an opportunity to Americans to get an idea of the temple’s architecture. Made of sandstone and was unveiled by Indian celebrity chef Vikas Khanna on Tuesday.

Afterwards it will be installed at Vikas Khanna’s upcoming flagship restaurant in 2024.


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