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What’s the Mermaid Look That’s so Trendy?

What’s the Mermaid Look That’s so Trendy?

The cosmetic industry has boomed than ever before and much of its credit goes to Hollywood beauties setting new trends. Women can now achieve almost any body shape they like, even if it’s looking like the mythical creature of mermaids. If you too want to achieve such a body shape, it isn’t a distant dream anymore.

How to get the perfect body?

Most women turn to liposuction that involves the extraction of their thigh fat. Our thighs add undesirable fat, irrespective of our body shape. Even thin women can find an extra layer of fat in this part and they are called saddlebags.

Our media does project several body standards, but it is important for us to understand what suits us the most. Women usually want to reduce fat from their thighs and make their hips curvier by having the same fat injected on their buttocks. It is a common type of buttocks and hips enhancement process, but it does come with its set of drawbacks. 

We recommend you to have detailed knowledge about the type of hip enhancement you want to try. This is because your thighs and hips must be in proper proportion in order to bear each other. For example, if a certain beauty standard makes your thighs feel thin and feeble but your hips have a lot of weight, it will be difficult for you to maintain a proper body balance.

If you’re aiming for the perfect hourglass, it is an achievable and desirable body shape that will perfectly transform you. If you want to flaunt the hip curvet the most, you might like the inverted heart figure instead. Both hourglass and inverted heart shape stresses on highlighting your hips and help you achieve a desirable booty. You just have to choose the right procedure that doesn’t cause you any adverse effect. 

Is the mermaid look achievable?

If you’ve worn or seen dresses inspired from the mermaid look, you’d know they are body hugging. They almost shape up like an hourglass while the supposed tail portion is flared up.

The mermaid look is absolutely achievable and is a body structure that every part of your body can balance. It is almost like an hourglass and lets you flaunt the perfect butt when you wear body hugging clothes. 

Why you should not choose surgery?

The process of liposuction from thighs and injecting the same fat into your buttocks is not healthiest cosmetic therapy. It comes with several drawbacks and risks, and it might not work for everyone.

The process of extracting fat takes a toll on your body anyway. When you further inject the fat in another part of your body, it leaves an adverse effect. You should try an alternative option of bioplasty that will help you achieve the look but will not cause harm.

Best way to do buttock augmentation

The right way to try buttock augmentation is bioplasty. It is the usage of a biocompatible product that your body accepts and allows to enter into your skin through PMMA injections. The surgeon directly injects your hip muscles and helps you obtain the perfect curve.

This process is not harmful and fits into your body like a natural element. You do not see any side effects compared to liposuction and fat injections procedure. You just need to have around two sessions, once in five months, and then you’d be able to maintain the perfect booty for years.

The buttock augmentation process through bioplasty can help you achieve a curvy hip and thinners thighs. Expert surgeons are highly skilled to do such cosmetic therapy to help you get the look of your dreams. 

Bioplasty can help you achieve the mermaid look when you have the perfect hourglass figure. The body-hugging dresses that make you look like a walking mermaid will suit you right away once you do this therapy. It also lasts much longer than surgeries and will not harm your body anyway.

No matter what your body goals are – the perfect hourglass or the inverted heart shape, bioplasty can help you achieve it. You just have to choose this option over surgeries to help you get the desired look and avoid any possible adverse effect.


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