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When and How You Should Use Distilled Water in Your Daily Routine

When and How You Should Use Distilled Water in Your Daily Routine

Distilling water is an excellentway of removing any chemicals and any other unwanted elements that are present in tap water. With many ways to make good use of distilled water, these are just a few of the ideas whereby you can use it safely and effectively in your daily routine.

Using Distilled Water as Drinking Water

While many scientists claimthat you can drink distilled water, some say it should be donesparely. There is still a lot of controversiesaround actually drinking it, butwhen it comes to detoxing and purifying your body, it’s often one of the quickest ways to give your body a healthy kickstart.

However, distilled water does not offer any of the minerals that tap water does. Thiscan mean that when used for a prolonged period, the distilledwater can begin to pull fromthe body those such essential minerals, including that of calcium from your teeth.

Using Distilled Water in a Steam Iron

Many people have used distilled water in their irons for someyears. In fact, when you buy an iron,you’ll more than likely be recommendedby the manufacturer to only usedistilled water in it, rather than tap water toprolong the life and use of the product.

By using distilled water in your iron, you don’t encounter any of the build-upsof limescale that you would if you used tap water. This build-upmeans that over timeyour steam iron will not work as effectively when it comes to using the spray and steam element of your iron, rendering it almost useless after a while. So a good water distiller will be of benefit to save your appliance from a premature failure.

Using Distilled Water to Water Both Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Plants thrive outdoors with rainwater, which is why horticultural experts recommend watering both indoor and outdoor in as much rainwateras you can. However, when this isn’t possible, distilled water can offer just as good an effect.

Like rainwater, distilled water removes all chemicals andhas no trace of chlorine so is perfect for feeding to all plants. Whether through a watering can usedto soak the roots, or by using a spray as a quick squirt to the leaves, making up a few bottles of distilled water can adequality feed your plants for many weeks at a time.

Using Distilled Water to Fill up Aquariums

If you are a fish owner, you’ll know the importance of replacing your fish’s water each time with an added fish cleaner chemical, known as tap conditioner. Thismainlyworks to take the chemicalsout of tap water, which fish cannot live in due to its acidic properties.

However, by using distilled water instead,you don’t have to resort to buying additional products such as this. You can also be sure that you are using the right amount, as it takes a level of accurate measuring should you use a tap conditioner.

Using Distilled Water as a Coolant for Your Vehicle

Another everydayknown use of distilled water is for the coolant system in a vehicle. Preferred by many for its ability to cool down the engine as well as cleaning it, distilled water works better with metal as it isn’t as corrosive as tap water can be in an engine.

Ultimately, distilled water can also be useful for maximizingthe lifespan of your vehicle’s battery. Again, due to its lack of corroding minerals, you can keep the battery charged for longer.

Using Distilled Water to Clean Around the Home

If you continually notice several streaks or traces of white left behind after you’ve cleaned specificareas in the home, using distilled water in place of tap water here will immediately stop this fromhappening.

This residue is the result of the salt and various minerals found in tap water and is most often visible on glass windows and screens.

Distilled water is becoming very popular as a cleaning aid as it doesn’t leave behind any known traces, due to its lack of salt and minerals. Many people feel it, therefore, offers an overall better clean as a result.

Using Distilled Water to Wash Your Hair

Though it may sound too time-consuming, every once in a while, distilled water can work wonders by ridding your hair of all the buildup accumulated in your hair over time. As such an accumulationleads to dry hair, splitends and even a dandruff outbreak, it canalso mean that the hair care products you apply aren’t as effectively absorbed.

However, what distilled water is greatat and definitelyrecommended regularly for is after swimming. By ridding of the chlorine present in nearly all pool water,you can assure that you’rerid of its chemicals and keep your hair in tip-topcondition after each session.

Many swimmers also claim distilled water helps to bring down any problems such as fizziness, dryness and even colordiscoloration which usually persist after swimming in chlorine.


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