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When is home care better than assisted living?

When is home care better than assisted living?

Everyone ages according to the laws of nature, and with increasing age, there is a need for assistance for the daily chores and basic living. Activities like cooking, washing, eating, and bathing becomes laborious, and if there is a disorder of some sort, then 24-7 help becomes the norm. If your loved ones are aging and you have to put in double the effort, then it might be time to use home care facilities and expert medical supervision to make sure that your family remains safe and secure. 

However, the simple assisted living facilities near you search won’t suffice. That is primarily because you have to consider several vital facts about home care before you sign the dotted line. There are several factors, and in the following section, we have gone over them in detail. Choosing the right kind of service can be confusing, but we are sure that you will make a well-informed choice once you are done.   

So, read on!


When you plan to move your elderly family member to an assisted care of home care facility, you need to stay local. The facility must either be close to your residence or around your workplace. It will allow you to save time on commuting. Therefore, the location of the home care facility is one of the top considerations. If you are a local, then you should be ideally looking for home care in Brooklyn.  

The cost of the service

The second most vital aspect to consider in this regard is the cost of the service. You can start by shortlisting a few facilities and inquire about the charges to tally the results based on the services offered. It is essential to stay away from the cheaper services as the quality is never assured.


Last but not least, by any means, are the services on offer. Keep in mind that a facility for the elderly will provide you with all the essential services that include quality care, housekeeping, and maintenance all-round the clock.

However, here is a comprehensive checklist that you must perform before signing on the dotted line. 

Look for the certifications

When you are looking at assisted care services for the elderly, keep in mind that there are legal concerns. Not all services employ trained caregivers and medical professionals. If you are unsure about the one you are in negotiations with, you should perform a thorough background search about the facility. Keep in mind that all professional services are authorized or legitimized by a government agency of some sort. So, ask for the licensing and other certifications of the organization right at the start. Also, remember that the need for performing emergency medical procedures might also arise at an assisted care facility. Therefore you need to check for the CNA license and CPR certifications as well.

Healthcare services

You need to ask about the nurses’ services or certified nursing assistants during medical emergency and procedures. The health services are a significant part of the assisted living facility, and nurses alongside attendants must meet the requirements. Moreover, these medical helpers require proper training and licensing to meet the standards of treatment. Keep in mind your loved one might need IV lines, medications, and wound care as and when required. That is where the licensing is vital to monitor critical cases and administer industry-standard care. Sign up only if you are satisfied with the healthcare service level at the home care of your choice.

Home care services

Now we come to home care services. Your loved one might not require medical help, but he/she will still need essential home care services. The home care service is companionship care, which provides for the housebound or isolated elderly with services like cleaning, cooking, laundry services, dressing, personal hygiene – every non-medical service. You can combine the two services as well, which means a nurse for medical aid and a home care service professional for personal needs. Keep in mind that choosing the right one is dependent on whichever requirement is the most pressing.

Once you get a grip on the factors and the aspects of choosing a caregiver service for your elderly family member, you can make an assured decision. It is okay to feel apprehensive and nervous about a caregiver’s service and the whole process. But now that you have all the information, you can understand that the process works and helps explicitly all the parties involved with trained caregivers and professionals. Make sure you go through the checklist while choosing a local assisted living service, and ask your doubts, take a tour to gather all the information before signing-up. All the best!


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