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When the NYC Music Scene needs to DIY

When the NYC Music Scene needs to DIY

On any given night in New York City, an endless amount of shows and entertainment echo throughout the evening. Flashing billboards across Time Square advertise the biggest acts but for the young emerging artists trying to make a name for themselves, it’s hard to get your name out there and easy to get lost in the mix. That’s where DIY Music comes into play.

London based, DIY Music provides marketing and media services for these new artists as they try to break in via magazine covers, spotlights on their website or expanding their global reach with live concerts. Connecting brands, promoters and labels with millennial and generation Z music fans through their magazine and other independent music titles, DIY is championing these young artists, giving them a platform outside of self-distribution to make it in the industry.

DIY Music’s CEO and DIY Magazine’s publisher Rupert Vereker understands the importance of NYC and the live music scene that it offers. “Live stage gives you the content that captures the imagination for the fan of the artist.” Thanks in part to the lack of major media coverage or real estate moguls shutting down local venues and turning them into high-rises, Vereker acknowledges NYC’s issues when promoting their young artists.

With the lack of opportunities for emerging artists, DIY and Big Indie Records put on a show this past March at The Delancey as part of New York City’s inaugural “New Colossus Festival”. Not only a show for the locals and fans of live music but a chance for label representative and the artist to mingle.

Traveling around the world, DIY has been on a mission to discover new artists and expose them to a new fan base via live performances. Curating stages to fit their audience, you’re bound to fall in love with a new band/artist that you’ve never heard before at a DIY show. Telling a friend that you’re going to a DIY show is like saying that you have tickets for Warped Tour or Coachella, while you might have never heard of the bands performing, you have come to expect a certain quality.

Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson, a musician from Austin, TX and Australia’s Body Type are just a few stars from around the globe that DIY has discovered & brought not only to a stage in NYC but also Texas’ SXSW festival and shows in London and Germany like The Great Escape. Creating a music import/export system, DIY is able to use their reach to bring these bands not only into NYC and around the world, but for some, this is their first time coming to the states.

Working as a liaison, connecting bands with labels and promoters, DIY knows that this is a step-by-step process that won’t happen overnight. Vereker and DIY plan to travel from city to city, exposing young talent to new venues and relationships, hoping that one city leads to another all while using NYC as a jumping point for their music careers.

Check out DIY’s magazine at

Look for Jackie Verson on Tour at

Body Type

Look for Body Type on Tour at

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