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When You Need the Rhinoplasty Options

When You Need the Rhinoplasty Options

Rhinoplasty is the operation of cosmetic surgery of the nose. This is one of the star operations of cosmetic surgery. More than any other operation, the result must be irreproachable, as it is seen. Find out what to know before considering such an operation.For rhinoplasty as for other cosmetic surgery techniques , the dialogue between the patient and the surgeon from Academy Face And Body is of paramount importance. It will determine what is desired by the patient, technically feasible and aesthetically appropriate. Currently, there are nearly 15,000 nose operations per year, or 5% of cosmetic surgery.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty refers to the plastic and aesthetic surgery of the nose, in order to correct present disgrace (whether congenital, consecutive to trauma or aging). We must therefore differentiate:

Functional rhinoplasty at Academy Face And Body, the purpose of which is to straighten the septum, a source of respiratory difficulty;

Aesthetic rhinoplasty , the aim of which is to modify the morphology of the nose, either at the level of its upper bony part or of its cartilaginous mobile lower part.

Consultation before rhinoplasty

Understand the patient’s expectations

The essential step is to clearly identify the objectives of rhinoplasty. The patient must fully explain the desires for change that he wishes. Work on black and white medical photographs is essential. It allows to perform simulations (morphing), especially profile and imagine the expected result. It is also the time for the patient to ask any questions.

The importance and limitations of computer simulations

Face simulations are, unfortunately, less accurate. One must be wary of results, especially on computers that will not necessarily represent the end result. Nevertheless, a simulation is essential to approach the result and thus better customize the surgical procedure. Indeed, there are no two similar faces and the “made to measure” is essential. Finally several factors can intervene in the surgical technique and in its result: the structure of the bones of the nose, the cartilage, the shape of the face, the delicacy of the skin.

The nose essential element of the whole face

The surgeon must guide the patient and warn him that this procedure always causes a significant transformation in the face, which can change the harmony.

The face is made of interdependent elements. To modify the nose is also to modify, the importance of a superior lip and especially to modify the importance of the chin in relation to the overall structure of a face. Outside the chin, however, it is rare for the surgeon to suggest an associated procedure at the same time, especially if the rhinoplasty is complete.

Limits of the operation

As part of a functional intervention to improve breathing, the surgeon must warn the patient that in case of a chronic condition of the nasal mucosa, the result may not be complete.

The procedure of the intervention

The patient’s requests have been well defined, he must bring the photographs and the simulation selected to the surgeon the day of the intervention. The surgeon carefully studied the nasal pyramid and conducted an endo-nasal examination. This allows you to plan surgical procedures during the procedure.

If it is not a repair intervention, a period of 15 days between the first consultation and the operation must be respected (this is a mandatory reflection period for all acts intended to aesthetic). Before the operation, a visit to the anesthesiologist is mandatory.

A detailed estimate and an operative record are given to the patient.


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