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Julian Assange

As T2C has stated we are not for either candidate but we are for truth and justice. Sadly the American public does not know or seem to care about what the underlying factors are. We need to be informed and the media is not doing that.

Julian Assange is giving the American people a chance at the truth and at one time that got him on the cover of Time Magazine. Now the world wants to know, now if the WikiLeaks founder is alive or dead. The WikiLeaks Twitter feed, states Julian Assange is safe and sound and still in charge of things, his supporters don’t seem to be buying it and are asking for proof Assange is still alive. Part of the problem is Assange’s co-founder and lawyer are dead. Many assume that the WikiLeaks organization has been infiltrated and compromised.

Julian Assange

The American public has a right to know about all those e-mails, because they effect our peace and security. If you are reading through them, they are horrifying at the audacity of privilege and screaming mad. Now Barack Obama’s half-brother tweeted early Wednesday morning calling on the United States president to issue a pardon for the exiled WikiLeaks founder.

My brother needs to free Julian who has freed the emails. They must be free for the people to see so they can vote Trump

In past months, Assange and WikiLeaks have published thousands of private emails purportedly revealing the inner workings of both Hillary Clinton’s inner circle and the Democratic National Committee. Last week, Assange had his Internet connection cut off at the embassy in response to the massive email dumps. He has since not been heard from or seen. The Clinton campaign has a clear strategy for keeping this coverage of under wraps. They are painting the revelations as an assault on American democracy. The facts are we should know this information. It should never have been kept secret.

A national spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, Glen Caplin, has actually attacked Assange on Twitter with an 18 tweet series railing WikiLeaks and Assange. WikiLeaks continues to publish thousands of emails from Clinton camapign chairman John Podesta.

The Pipelines

Julian Assange revealed that the United States planned to overthrow the Syrian government as far back as 2006. This is all about the natural gas pipe lines. The U.S. government is working with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Egypt to encourage the breakdown of  Iran and Hezbollah to gain more of the natural gas. This has lead to over 13.5 million Syrian refugees. The Leviathan Field just made 10 billion, but is subject to regulatory approvals from Israel and Jordan. Mosul plays a key part in any future pipeline project that seeks to export KRG natural gas to European markets.

What has happened to America and our justice system. Has it become so corrupt, with people believing they are exempt from breaking the law and being prosecuted?  The American people should be outraged. How many more WikiLeaks do we need before justice prevails?

On October 24th Project Veritas founder journalist James O’Keefe has officially filed a complaint against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign for violating federal election laws. Why are we not hearing about this?  O’Keefe ultimately brought down ACORN and

The 17-page complaint, in part, states:

This criminal conspiracy involves the knowing and willful creation of coordinated expenditures from prohibited corporate sources. As is detailed numerous times in the Veritas transcript, attached as EXHIBIT A, the supposedly independent speech and actions of third-party groups were directed, controlled or puppeteered by [Hillary For America—the official title of Clinton’s campaign] or the [Democratic National Committee]. Indeed, the record establishes not just simple violations of the [Federal Election Campaign Act]’s coordination provisions, but ongoing knowing and willful evasion of federal election law requirements through a complicated scheme. Because this conspiracy involves large numbers of employees, heightened travel, production, and distribution costs and because of the nationwide scale of the operation, upon information and belief, this triggers criminal penalties under 52 U.S.C. § 30109(d)(1)(A)(i).

Additionally, the following action committees and groups are also named in the complaint:

  • The Democratic National Committee
  • Democracy Partners
  • The Foval Group
  • Priorities USA Action
  • The Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Americans United for Change

Will James O’Keefe be the next missing person or misaligned for his courage?

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:


FreePalestine Protesters Tried To Ruin Thanksgiving and Black Friday, What’s Next?



Today innocents were freed for terrorists. On Thanksgiving over 30 protestors halted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade along Sixth Avenue, glueing themselves to the route. Several protestors were taken into custody, but with our DA Alvin Braggs, how long will that last?

On The New England Native American float one performer held out a Palestinian flag. How was that Native American?

Loud boos for both incidents rang out from the crowd, as the white jumpsuit-clad protestors poured fake blood over themselves and held up the parade for thousands.

As I was trying to get to Thanksgiving dinner, Anti-Israel protesters flocked to the New York Times building after the parade and if you were coming from Port Authority or any subway near there, your life was thrown into chaos. It took me over an hour to get from Port Authority to 55th and 6th.

The FreePalestine protesters also redecorated the Stephen Schwarzman building of the NY Public Library with pro-Palestine art & fake blood as well.

To make matters worse Anti-Israel protesters targeted Macy’s on Black Friday after disrupting the store’s iconic Thanksgiving Day parade screaming “Why are you shopping? Bombs are dropping!” They also stopped the traffic on 34th street and 6th avenue in Manhattan with a massive Palestinian flag, causing traffic delays.

They also went after the PUMA flagship store as they sponsor the Israel’s football association.

These protestors are hijacking NYC, time and time again. They are hijacking tax payer dollars for their protests? Why aren’t we doing something to stop this and getting mad as hell over this? WHY?

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Count Down To Thanksgiving: Watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon’s Come To Life



Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Photo courtsey of Corine Cohen

On the day before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade visitors can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse as the balloons get inflated.

Enter the viewing lineup on 72nd St at Columbus Ave. Bring proof of vaccination and photo ID.

The balloons start to come to life starting at 12 p.m. Wednesday and expect crowds. The best time to really see the balloon is later but the crowds are less the earlier you arrive. One you enter at 72nd and Columbus, you will head to West 77th and Columbus, move along Columbus, around the Natural History Museum and end up on Central Park West and West 81st Street.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Photo courtsey of Corine Cohen

Admission to the balloon area is free and stops at 6p.m.

Public transportation is the best way to get to the inflation area as they’re restriction on parking and taxi access.

If you have never done this, it is treat for both young and old.


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My View: Who Knew Broadway and 42nd Street Ran All The Way to Boca/Delray…The Wick Theatre



Who knew 42nd Street and Broadway ran all the way down to Boca/Delray and end at The Wick Theatre and Museum Club!  In an event yesterday afternoon that rivaled any Broadway Opening Night Party, Marilynn & Kimberly Wick celebrated the opening of The Wick’s 2023/2024 season with a spectacular immersive exhibition of “Dancing Feet” The Experience, 42nd Street. They also had in attendance none other than the star of the original Tony Award Winning Broadway show (42nd Street) Lee Roy Reams on the Museum Club’s Stage to add commentary, sing, and have a fun filled talk back with the audience.  Lee Roy, who starred as Billy Lawlor in the 1980 production, shared many anecdotes about the musical during the video presentation, including insights about renowned choreographer Gower Champion and his untimely death on the day of the show’s Broadway opening. The legendary show went on to win the Tony Award for Best Musical and Best Choreography. While Reams continued his illustrious career in musical theatre, starring in numerous Broadway shows including The Producers and La Cage Aux Folles, and at The Wick, he created a sensation with his role as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly!

“The Wick is breaking new ground in both entertainment and technology by creating these immersive experiences that both entertain and educate audiences about the history of Broadway,” said Kimberly Wick, curator. “As the owners of the largest Broadway costume collection in the nation, we are thrilled to add this innovation as another way to preserve the incredible artistry of our past for generations to come.”

 Last year, The Wick Costume Museum underwent a dramatic high-tech transformation, resulting in a stunning new venue, rechristened The Museum Club at The Wick. The completely renovated space thrilled guests with 360-degree immersive video experiences, historic costume displays, dining, and entertainment.
















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7 Autistic Performers Are About To Win The Heart of Broadway As They Break The Norm in How To Dance In Ohio



Broadway broke new ground last night as seven openly autistic actors took to the stage to play seven autistic characters and they were fantastic.

Also the book and lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik music by Jacob Yandura

Jacob Yandura

choreography by Mayte Natalio and direction by Sammi Cannold are also all making their Broadway debuts and seriously are about to show Broadway veterans how its done. I know the season is early, but I expect this show to swept the Tonys.

Sammi Cannold

The new musical I am talking about is How to Dance in Ohio, inspired by Alexandra Shiva’s Peabody Award-winning documentary of the same name. It begans previews on Broadway tonight and will officially open at the Belasco Theatre on December 10, 2023.

The cast of How To Dance In Ohio

I have never seen an audience so in tune with a show the moment it started. They were there for the cast and the cast gave back in spades.

Producers Tom and Michael D’Angora

How to Dance in Ohio is a heartfelt new musical about the desire to connect and the courage it takes to put yourself out into the world. At a group counseling center in Columbus, Ohio, seven autistic young adults prepare for a spring formal dance—a challenge that breaks open their routines as they experience love, stress, excitement, and independence. How to Dance in Ohio is a story about people on the cusp of the next phase of their lives, facing down hopes and fears, ready to take a momentous first step…and dance. And we could all use the lessons this show tells us with soul.

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200,000 Protesters In Washington DC Speak Out…… Where is NYC?



Today, White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby stated Hamas and Islamic Jihad DID hide under hospitals in Gaza, backing up Israeli claims. They used hospitals in the Gaza Strip, including Al Shifa, which had tunnels underneath them, to conceal and to support their military operations and to hold hostages.

Before the Holocaust, people were in denial of what was happening, preferring to bury their heads about the ugly truth that almost wiped out a race.

The Hamas attacks of October 7 left over 1,000 Israelis dead and 240 abducted many of them young people who have yet to have had a start in life. It was uncalled for and an act of war.

In NYC thousands of pro-Palestinan protesters have upset Manhattan traffic in Grand Central, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, marched at campuses and through Midtown, Bryant Park, lobby of The New York Times, Eighth Avenue, Lower Manhattan, City Hall and across the Manhattan Bridge to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and it was allowed. Where were the New Yorkers protesting that people are being killed senselessly? It took Washington DC to carry out that act.

Why protest in Washington DC? They are trying to get their loved ones back, as a New York Broadway producer brought his own scissors to take a poster of a missing and kidnapped child off a pole.

‘The over 200,000 loud crowd shouted “bring them back, bring them back”.

Brooklyn resident Alana Zeitchik, has six relatives being held hostage in Gaza after being taken from a kibuttz “My family is being held hostage by terrorists. For too many in the west, the suffering of families like mine has become a footnote – collateral damage in service of some perceived higher universal truth. To demand the release of the hostages is not an act of war, it is an act of love and a cry for humanity.”

Rachel Goldberg, son Hersh who is one of the hostages, also took the stage. This wounded civilian was an American-Israeli kidnapped from the music festival on October 7.

At least 240 human beings have been stolen and buried alive.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer stated “never ever will we forget the evil of Hamas. We will not rest until we get all the assistance you need.” What about stopping the Pro Palestines in NYC?

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson stated “Hamas wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, so let me be clear we will not let that happen.”

Yeshiva University in New York cancelled classes and 2,500 students were expected to attend.

More than 250 New Yorkers traveled in five buses to the capital for a day trip to attend the rally.

Jewish students from Queens College in New York and the University of Maryland traveled to DC to attend.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise and we need to speak up. Hate should NEVER be acceptable.

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