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Where To Go Off Roading in Idaho

Where To Go Off Roading in Idaho

Idaho is home to thousands of acres of public land. This makes it the perfect state for off-roading enthusiasts who love to take their Jeeps and ATVs out on the weekend for a quick jaunt through mountainous trails. Before you go on your next adventure, make sure you purchase all of the truck parts online you need, including new LED lights for truck to help you see at night. That way you can have the time of your life exploring all of the trails Idaho has to offer.

Snake River Canyon Park

You will find Snake River Canyon Park just east of Highway 93. It is a popular destination for ATV riders as you will come across hundreds of acres of public land to ride through. You can enjoy dirt roads already laid out for you to explore. Make sure you do not stray too far from the path. Snake River Canyon Park is also a great spot for shooting enthusiasts, and you do not want to get too close to people out for some target practice.

South Hills

When you venture over to the South Hills, you will find numerous trails on either side of Rock Creek Road. If it is your first time exploring the area, then you will want to stick to the roads near the base of Diamondfield Jack. This is a great spot when you are out with kids, and you do not want anything too extreme. You could even take this trail all the way to Jackpot, Nevada if you wanted to. You just want to make sure you have a GPS device or map with you so that you do not get lost as you traverse the trails.

Camas County Trails 

You will find miles upon miles of loop trails perfect for ATV riding throughout Camas County. You will be able to ride along Big Smoky Creek, the South Fork of the Boise River and along numerous mountainous ridges. Some of the trails can get a little rough, so make sure to buy extra supplies from an auto parts store Boise. Additionally, you will find ample camping spots in the area, so it is a great place for when you want to spend the night. Pack a tent and other camping supplies in your truck and get ready for an awesome adventure.

Big Southern Butte

If you have always wanted to ride your truck near a volcanic dome, albeit a dormant one, then you need to head over to Big Southern Butte. You will find a route measuring 68 miles that will take you to heights surpassing 7,500 feet. Arco City Park is both the beginning and end of the loop, so all you need to do is head out from there for roughly 18 miles until you reach the desert. It is a long drive, so make sure you have some extra fuel just in case.

Any Idaho off-roading enthusiasts will want to check out all of these trails at least once. With the best supplies from a reputable online shop, you can embark on your next ride with peace of mind.


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