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Why Do Players Enjoy Being Challenged By Games?

Why Do Players Enjoy Being Challenged By Games?

Why do we enjoy games so much? Simply put, we love a good challenge! Click here to find out more about why we love to tackle games and challenges.

If there is one thing that we absolutely love, it is being challenged by games! There is always something really fun about sitting down and trying to work out a puzzle or outwit our friends and family to come out on top. Why do we enjoy being challenged so much? Let’s take a look!

Good at Recognising Patterns

If there is one thing that the human mind is good at, it is recognising patterns. We do this all the time even without realising it – filling in gaps in information to bring out meaning and messages. Just take a look at how easily we can spot shapes in clouds or faces in inkblot tests. Though the pattern might be very small, we are able to connect the dots and come up with a complete picture.

As we do so, our brain awards us for getting something right. By being able to see the pattern that is there, we reward ourselves subconsciously. The more difficult something is, the higher the sense of achievement we will feel. This is why you might feel a rush after scoring high in a test or completing a difficult jigsaw. Being able to reward ourselves is a fantastic feeling.

Different Challenges for Different People

With everyone having their own individual perception and personal tastes, it is unsurprising that we can find games that can cater to all sorts of people. Someone might claim that they don’t like playing games that are based on puzzles, only to be confronted by a puzzle without realising. 

Take a game like Call of Duty. It might not appear to be a puzzle in the same way a classic riddle would be. However, there will be a set list of things you need to do in a mission, and certain ways that you can complete them. This is, in its own way, a puzzle. 

You can find a similar set up at so many games and it really is something worth exploring. For example, slots come in all shapes and sizes. No two games are truly alike, and you can go through the entire library of an online casino and never find two that completely match up. By finding the right place to play through a site like Bonusetu, you can find all sorts of games that challenge you in weird and wonderful ways.

Pushing Us Outside Our Comfort Zones

We love to leave our comfort zones behind us. Whether we are taking to the stage to perform, heading out for a match of our favourite sport, or sitting down at a poker table, we can quite often find ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone.

Though these new experiences can feel strange, they can also be incredibly rewarding. If you are someone who feels that you spend far too much time in your comfort zone, a new challenging game could be just the thing you need to slowly bring yourself out. Try the latest game in your favourite series or even jump across and play something new that you have always wanted to. No matter what you might be facing, being able to meet the challenge head-on will give you that little rewarding glow.Humans love games, and we love it when they challenge us to bring our best tactics and strategies. Easy games can be too boring, and though we can get frustrated by difficult ones, they can also bring us a lot of reward. If you want to explore what the world of games has to offer you, try to find one that will challenge you now!                               

Image Source: Pixabay


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