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Why Don’t Retailers Have Plain Bags?

Why Don’t Retailers Have Plain Bags?

These days, custom printed paper and plastic carrier bags are more popular amongst businesses than ever. The standard Plastic Carrier Bag has been transformed into one that now incorporates design, colour and meaning. You might be wondering why retailers no longer have plain bags, find out below:

The biggest benefit of customer printed bags for all businesses is that they are a cost effective way to market your brand with no strings attached. Custom printed bags for business provide you with the opportunity to reach a large potential audience. If someone notices that other people have made a purchase from your store, they are more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase themselves. How many times have you seen a number of people carrying the same branded bag and gone to take a look at the store yourself?

Not only do customer printed bags introduce your brand to the public, they provide how to get in touch with your company, including details such as your company’s telephone number, email address and store address.

Having an image or piece of text on your carrier bag is a lot nicer than not having anything on them at all. Not only will they attract much wanted attraction, but will also provide a better image of your brand. It’s a great way of sending a message to your potential customers in a subtle way to maximise your brands potential, so much so that recent studies have shown that a printed carrier bag can have greater impact than a minute-and-a-half long television advertisement.

Customers will use your branded carrier bags to carry their purchases home. They may also reuse these bags later on for a number of purposes. Custom printed plastic bags are great to get your business some additional free advertising – and as long as those bags are used for, the more exposure both your business and brand will get. In fact, you’re extending your marketing efforts without having to do anything at all. There’s no reason why people can’t reuse plain bags your business has provided them with and you should encourage customers to do so, but it simply won’t benefit your brand in the slightest.

Keeping your brand name in a customer’s head is half the battle. Nice shopping bags are a great way to achieve this. Not only are they perfect to carry other essentials in, but are ideal for small errands too. If you own a store, you’ll require some type of packaging anyway, so why not combine your marketing efforts and packaging to make the most of the exposure gained with customer printed bags.

It’s one of the first steps to creating brand awareness. Before you can create your desired impression or encourage your customers to make a purchase, they need to be able to identify your brand and understand its meaning. In return, this will build brand equity. The more people who are aware of your brand and the more robust your brands reputation is, the more profit you will gain.


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