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Why Eating Organic is a Good Idea

Why Eating Organic is a Good Idea

Nowadays, everybody is trying to eat well, go to the gym, and live a healthy lifestyle. Many people eat organic as part of the healthy lifestyle. However, there are more reasons than health as to why you should go organic.

Organic food tends to taste better because it’s all natural! No hormones or genetic engineering has gone on. The food will also be a lot fresher as you’ll be getting it almost straight from the farm. Sometimes your fruit & veg may turn up looking a bit strange but they can guarantee it’ll taste better as it is grown in well balanced soil. You will also get more nutrients than more commercially grown food as the soil is managed to ensure sustainable practices are always taking place.

Looking after the environment

Another great reason to go organic is the environment. The farmers that grow the food don’t add any chemicals to the soil so that it only creates natural fruit & veg. This may mean that the products are misshapen or smaller, but they will always taste great. Also, the farmers not using pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers reduce the chances of water pollution and affecting the surrounding ecosystems.

Support Farming

In recent years, farmers that grow and make products for big supermarkets receive a small amount of money for the huge profit they make for the supermarkets. Buying organic may mean that you spend more money on your weekly shop, but you’re helping a community of people.  See it as investing in your local farms so that they can make more food for you.

If you want to find out more about organic food, and reasons to start eating organically, check out this great infographic by Clearspring.


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