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Why Hardwood Decking is the Best Option for your Backyard

Why Hardwood Decking is the Best Option for your Backyard

There are many reasons why people choose hardwood deckingfor their outdoors; they don’t just look great, they also are easy to maintain, versatile, and durable.

Outdoor decks offer incredible spaces where families can spend quality time during summer. They are perfect for summer grilling and also in enhancing the overall aesthetics of any home. But decks can be made from just about any material, which begs the question, why is hardwood decking the best option? The kind of material you select for your deck is almost, if not as important as the design itself. From composite to wood, there are plenty of variables including texture, colour, price, and even installation.

Indigenous hardwoods for decking

The boards are constructed using a broad spectrum of materials, including lumbar, western red cedar, mahogany, teak, jarrah, redgum, ironbark, and Blackwood; amongst other hardwoods, meaning, they are sturdy, durable, stunning and easy to maintain. Decking provides an incredible way of spending more time outdoors, without the need of developing an extension to your house.

Here are the reasons whyhardwood decking is an incredible option for your backyard:

Hardwood decking makes the most of inclines and steep sites

A deck offers a great way to even out the slopes in your garden; they allow you to come up with beautiful steps and levels; otherwise, your yard wouldn’t be suitable in uneven areas. The best thing about wood decks is that it can easily be installed over an uneven surface. You’ll need to raise it up, but it’s very possible to achieve this and turn the uneven spaces into a beautiful, relaxing area. Besides, wood has a natural look and will perfectly blend in with your garden; what better way to improve your daily life than to have a decking area where you and your loved ones can relax and have a little fun?

They are tough

Your backyard is exposed to different elements; with insect damage, moisture, and UV rays being the primary culprits. As such, it is essential to use materials that can withstand all of these factors, like native hardwoods because they have a natural resistance to damage from insects.Hardwood decking material is often pressure treated or sealed to guarantee optimal longevity. This means that your backyard will still look great even after years of use.

In addition to toughness, hardwood decks are less likely to scratch or mark – which are the leading reasons for regular maintenance. This minimizes the cost of ownership since you won’t have to pay for frequent repairs and maintenance. It also brings you peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about your cats or dogs scratching.

Increases the home’s value

Integrating a hardwood deck in your home is one of the best ways to improve its value. What this means is that you’ll be able to command a higher price should you decide to sell your home. It will also make it easier to find a buyer who is willing to pay the price.

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