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Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal defense proceedings are becoming increasingly complex, given the stricter implementation of laws in the United States. In 2018, there was a record high 2.3 million American prisoners, and the volume continues to surge this year. Thus, the US Justice system tightens its grip on implementing the laws against various crimes.

Nashville continues to rank high on the list of cities that have the most substantial crime frequency. Overall, the crime rate of the city is 81% higher than the average at the national level. Per 100,00 people, 14 crimes occur daily. Further, a resident has one in 21 chances of becoming a participant in any crime. These statistics call for the need to hire a Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney to help you in the worst-case scenarios. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Criminal defense is the process of creating strategies and arguments that can challenge the statements and evidence of the prosecution to reduce and nullify the charges against a person.

Consequently, a Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney represents defendants facing criminal charges in state and appellate courts. They can handle a wide array of cases like theft, sexual harassment, drug activities, domestic violence, vehicular accidents, murder, among many others. Specifically, here are their key responsibilities. 

  • Conduct a detailed investigation to search for evidence in the interest of the client
  • Research laws, related cases, statutes, and crime codes that can be used to back up the defendant’s arguments
  • Analyze all statements, evidence, and bills to identify possible case outcomes
  • Devise an effective defense and case strategy for the client 
  • Communicate with the prosecution or the other party and come up with advantageous settlement agreements or plea bargain
  • Draft and file the motion, appeals, and petitions to dismiss claims and suppress evidence 
  • Represent the client in all legal proceedings such as hearings, trials, and arraignments
  • Present evidence to the judge and jury in trial procedures
  • Prepare all documents needed for legal documentation 
  • Provide professional and moral support to the client

Advantages of the Lawyer 

Stricter laws have made trials in Nashville more challenging to win over. However, with the help of the attorney, defendants have higher chances of saving themselves from a lifetime of trouble and regret. Here are some reasons how this expert can benefit you with the proceedings.

  • The expert has a robust skill set and expertise about criminal laws, which will help you understand the charges and consequences.
  • They can take care of the paperwork with precision and accuracy. 
  • With their knowledge and experience, they can find loopholes in the charges where you can obtain possible ways to achieve an acquittal.
  • They can provide you helpful consultations and advice which you can use to come up with intelligent decisions. 
  • The attorney is legally bound to support you in every way; thus, there is an assurance that you will have all the technical and emotional help needed.
  • They already know the environment very well, which will help the process to move faster, thereby saving you money.

Nashville is the largest city in Tennessee (TN), with more than 690,000 residents. Further, the city is home to many entertainment districts, which sometimes become a viable space for criminal activities. The justice system of TN opts to implement laws to cope with this problem strictly. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a defense lawyer in case of involvement because they would know how to protect and save you.

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