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Why iPhone 8 is best value for money

Why iPhone 8 is best value for money

Are you an iPhone enthusiast and wish you had one that is affordable and has the best of features? If your answer is yes, we recommend that you consider the iPhone 8. Let us give you xx top reasons why we believe the iPhone8 is best value for money even today.


Let’s start with the very basic of reasons first. It is affordable. The iPhone8 costs $699 and $849 for the 64GBand the 256 GB respectively. Comparatively, the iPhone X 64 GB model comes at a steep $999 itself. The 256GB model is priced at $1149. And that is just the phone. You will need to shell out extra money for things such as a wireless charging pad or Air Pods!


If you are the kinds that like a phone to fit in the palm of your hand, and makes browsing with one finger easy, the iPhone 8 is the phone you need. While bigger screens may be quite the rage with phones such as iPhone X, it is nearly impossible to reach the corner of the display of your phone unless you have really big hands.

Wireless charging

If wireless charging is what you really want from your phone, you need not invest a fortune on the iPhone X or a high end Samsung phone. The iPhone 8 has the same wireless charging technology. You can charge your whole phone in less than an hour thanks to this. However, you will have to purchase this wireless charging pad separately. 

Better camera 

There is no one who ever said that I am ok with a poor quality phone camera! So if you are click happy with your phone, and want photos that are perfectly sharp, the iPhone 8 comes with an improved 12 megapixel camera that captures better photos and videos. You get the feature called the “portrait lighting mode” on the iPhone 8 that is present in the iPhone X. This stimulates studio lighting conditions and improved background blur in the portrait mode. 

Power-packed performance

The most important feature of the iPhone 8 is the powerful A11 Bionic chip. This will make heavy duty tasks such as video editing and playing 3D games a breeze. So why pay hundreds of dollars for the iPhone X or any other phone for that matter, when the iPhone 8 packs a real punch? 

The last word

If you are buying an iPhone for the very first time or have an iPhone that is older than the iPhone 6S, the iPhone8 is an upgrade at a real steal! As mentioned above, not only do you get the latest Apple chip that gives you great performance and a fabulous dual camera with the portrait mode, but also wireless charging and other great features that are present in the latest model of the iPhone. Some people may however argue that the iPhone 8 looks old, but you know for a fact that looks of a phone is only skin deep. So if you are not hung up on looks, the iPhone 8 is just the phone you want! 


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