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Why Is Football So Popular?

Why Is Football So Popular?

Football is the most popular sport game nowadays. And while one half of humanity is watching matches with a sinking heart, the other cannot understand what is so special about this simple game. There are more questions than answers, so we decided to answer them right now.

How And When It Became So Popular 

Football is one of the oldest team sports. What could be easier than playing with the ball? People thought in the same way in many countries of the world. They just kicked the ball with enthusiasm, and everyone called this game in their own way. There is still debate about who first came up with football. But the game became widespread around the 19th century in England. This was facilitated by colonization. The British Empire conquered more and more new states, which adopted the culture, habits, and the games of Foggy Albion.

The advent of television has also contributed to the popularity of football. Simple and understandable rules allowed viewers to get involved in what is happening on the screen quickly. And TV inspired the boys to develop their skills and strive to achieve success in this game. 

Here are some of the most obvious reasons why football became the most popular and beloved game in the world. And make sure to visit buaksib if you also like watching football because of the reasons described above. 

Why People Like Football 

  1. This is the most accessible game in the world. It is enough to have two arms, two legs, at least some platform, and an object that imitates a ball to play this game. Special equipment is not needed. Any surface will fit. It can be grass, sand, or soil. Also, a large number of players will not be required for training, as, for example, in rugby. The rules of the game are very accessible and understandable to viewers around the world. That is why a football star can appear anywhere. 
  2. This is a great way to throw out emotions. The spirit of competition is inherent in us by nature. And football is a great way to throw out emotions for both fans and players. And if 40-50 years ago, football was a sublimation of the war, now the perception of the game has changed. Competitions between countries are practically not associated with politics. Football fans are the craziest, noisiest, and most emotional. Clashes between fans still happen, but aggressiveness often remains in the stands and is limited to chants. A football stadium is almost the only place where people can completely legally splash out a huge number of positive and negative emotions and feelings. The passion in the stadiums, especially during important matches, is huge. And this is another reason why people love football so much.
  3. It is spectacular. Football is really a very entertaining game. In this game, tactics, attacks, and counterattacks decide a lot. Each team has its own unique style of play. Football lovers know how to get real pleasure from beautiful passes. Also, the action takes place in huge modern stadiums, in the open air, and around the incredible energy and noise of the fans. It is almost impossible to remain indifferent to this.

Football is a great entertainment that brings a lot of fun. It is interesting for both active and passive sports lovers. 


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