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Why is Practicing Self-Care Crucial?

Why is Practicing Self-Care Crucial?

Are you overwhelmed with the pile of files on your desk or a ton of assignments you require finishing? Too much of work and no social life can make an individual extremely stressed. During such a scenario, self-care is the first thing that should be done but unfortunately, it is the last thing that strikes most minds and the results are increased stress and a breakdown in many cases

Why Should you Indulge in Self-Care?

In our busy schedules, it becomes impossible to take care of ourselves, but self-neglecting will only make it more difficult for you to be productive as self-care helps in making faster progress

Self-Care reduces Stress:

Stress can affect your productivity and if you do not handle stress timely, it can become a health hazard and cause a breakdown. Self-care can help you in managing the stress and reducing it to avoid any health hazards. 

Self-Care Prevents a Breakdown:

If you push yourself too much without taking breaks for yourself, then you may reach a point where you just cannot take it anymore and give up completely. Practicing self-care will help in eliminating such breakdowns.

Self-Care Improves Focus:

Too much of work with no rest can result in a lack of concentration. A clever way of working is taking breaks to clear your mind and then refocus on the job.

How to Practise Self-Care?

Many people indulge in too much work and reward themselves with a break. This technique is actually not right as self-care should not be considered as a reward, but it is a crucial process which should be a part of your routine.

Make Time to Eat and Workout

Most busy people neglect to eat timely and working out as they prioritize their work. Giving your body the essential nutrients and doing physical activity to make yourself fit is not optional. It is something which you should be doing every day as a part of your daily routine. Eating right will keep you healthy and improve immunity hence you will fall less sick and in turn your productivity will go up. Working out helps to prevent any ailments and also reduces stress. 

Focus on Emotional Stress:

Self-care is not just about taking care of physical aspects but also emotional aspects such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Every individual has a different way of dealing with such emotional distress. You may want to be surrounded by your friends and family or you would want to take up meditation classes, a few others may feel relaxed when they visit their therapist. Find out what works for you. 

Manage Work-Life Balance:

The main reason for stress for many is work overload due to the fact that they can’t say No to their superiors. Limit your working hours and if you feel you cannot handle so much work, talk to your superior. It may be scary to say no but remember what matters the most, it is You.

Give Time to What Matters the Most to You:

Being busy at work may not be fulfilling in the long term. Every individual has a goal or an aspiration which may be spending time with family or following a hobby. Fulfilling this goal may bring you tonnes of satisfaction hence take out time to do the things you love to do.

If you have been reading till now, we are sure that you do take this self-care business seriously. Integrative Wellness can help you to self-care holistically to obtain mind and body wellness. Taking care of yourself should never come after your other priorities rather it should be the first on your list. 

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