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Why Is The Hype So Big Around HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?

Why Is The Hype So Big Around HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is presented as the “fountain of youth” because of various claims surrounding what it can offer humans. Similarly to any such claim, there is truth behind it but we need to realize what that truth is if we are to use HGH. Specialists at the following about why there is such a big hype around human growth hormone.

No Muscle Growth But Fat Burning

The initial claim was that HGH was capable of increasing muscle growth. In fact, this is the most common thing that you hear about it. What is rarely mentioned is that HGH is normally used by athletes in a combination with anabolic steroids. It is the steroids that increase muscle mass, not HGH. Studies were done on the matter and it was shown that HGH does not actually build muscle in adults that are healthy.

What was shown to actually happen is fat burning. This is especially the case with fat that is stubborn to remove. However, if you are interested in getting rid of fat and using HGH to do so, you should know that it is expensive.

Delaying Aging

One of the reasons why people take HGH is to delay aging. The reality of the matter is that human growth hormone is highly effective at making you feel a lot better when you have some specific health problems. This is actually one of the reasons why you should only take HGH if a specialist recommends it.

A Clinical Interventions in Agingstudy showed that HGH offers benefits when the one taking it is deficient. If not though, the benefits you receive are mostly about appearance. You are going to look younger when you take HGH supplements.

Speeding Up Injury Recovery

Whenever injured, athletes do whatever they can in order to speed up recovery. HGH preserves muscle around joints by basically activating IGF-1, which stimulates muscle growth as myostatin is blocked. Myostatin is basically triggered by the injury.

HGH is capable of speeding up injury recovery because of the way in which it strengthens the body. The actual injury is not improved but the body is more capable of dealing with it, which is definitely a big advantage for any athlete trying to get back on track.

HGH And Brain Injuries

HGH was shown to improve sleeping quality, which in turn makes it much easier to deal with any pain that you feel. When referring to brain injuries, some studies actually showed that there is truth in the premise that human growth hormone helps. For instance, there is a strong suspicion that a hormone deficiency is at the root of PTSD symptoms like irritability, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances.

Human growth hormone might or might not help in many different situations. It is clear that it has its benefits but what works for one person might not work for another. This is why it is always important to go to professionals that do know everything about hormone therapy.


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