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Why it is important to hire a professional to install your TV aerial

Why it is important to hire a professional to install your TV aerial

Installing a TV aerial can be as complicated as it sounds, especially when you’re not a professional. The average person does not hold the technical knowledge needed to install an aerial or satellite and while you may read online articles that make it sound fairly straightforward, it is important to consider that working at a height will make everything ten times more complicated than it already is. What would happen if something goes wrong you ask? Well, that is entirely on you. You have purchased the TV aerial or satellite on your terms, and you have attempted to install it, which has most likely not worked in your favour. Here we will explain why it is extremely important to ensure you hire a professional to install your TV aerial.

They understand safety precautions  

As previously explained, when having a TV aerial installed, the engineer will work at a height. This is their profession and they are used to working at this level as most commonly, a TV aerial, must be fixed to your roof, wall, or chimney. The last thing you would want to do is reach the top of your ladder and damage the large device by hitting it against obstructions such as surrounding buildings, trees, walls, or fences. A professional is aware of the different styles and sizes of aerials they may be dealing with, and know how to take this up a ladder accordingly. In some cases, you may need two ladders depending on the house shape, so it would only make sense to call out a professional from tv aerial installation who already has access to the equipment needed for aerial installation. 

It works out cheaper 

As highlighted, the engineer already has access to all of the equipment needed, including the TV aerial. If you were to install this yourself, you would need extra tools and equipment to carry out the whole task. If anything were to go wrong with your equipment, that would require you to purchase more, making it extra costly. With that being said, if you attempted to take the cheaper route, by buying less expensive materials, your final result, for example, the reception and quality of your TV may turn out a whole lot worse than expected. 

Warranty and insurance purposes 

So, what happens if you end up installing your aerial, and then it becomes damaged or falls off your roof? This is completely on you. If you installed it, you now have to reinstall it or perhaps replace it, meaning that not only have you experienced the hassle of installing it yourself, you now need to experience that a second time around. Most engineers offer a warranty and insurance as part of their aerial installation, for example, the professionals as With this guarantee, you can be assured that if any issues arise with your aerial, whether it be down to bad weather or incorrect installation, you know you can always call out an engineer to have these issues resolved under your warranty.  

Quick and efficient 

Another reason why it is important to call in aprofessional to install your TV aerial is that you know the job will get done quickly and correctly. The average time it will take an engineer to install an aerial will be between one to two hours, and that’s with experience. If someone with no experience in aerial or satellite installation were to complete this project, it would easily take a whole lot longer than this time frame. So, why waste your own time with a job that may not be successful when you can call in an experienced expert?  

No risks and the job is carried out successfully 

As mentioned above, engineers understand the safety precautions. If the job is carried out by them, there is no risk of potentially injuring yourself.  Be sure to hire an experienced and well-qualified engineer to carry out the job to ensure that shortcuts are not taken and the job is carried out the best it can be to avoid any future problems arising. Now that all of the key points have been covered as to why you should hire a professional to install your TV aerial, why not save yourself the hassle and contact one today. 


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