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Why Manhattan Is the Ideal Place for a Casino

Why Manhattan Is the Ideal Place for a Casino

The race for a new mega casino in New York is finally on. Strapped of revenue, the state is currently looking for new sources, and rumors have it that it’s turning to a proposal shelved a long time ago – NY’s first casino. Not that it’s a new concept. For a long time, giant casino operators have been looking for a way to tap into the NY market, but state lawmakers have successfully pushed back until now.

Why is everyone so interested in New York? Well, it’s a real tourist magnet, and if the state allows it, NY could become a gambling capital on the East Coast. Of course, it won’t be that easy. There are several obstacles to jump through before it happens, including the location. If you ask experts, the prime location for the first NY casino would be Manhattan.

Why Manhattan?

New York is a big city that sprawls across 472 square miles. With nearly 9 million people living in it, it’s the most populous city in the USA. It’s no wonder that casino operators are looking to plant the flag in NY, and Manhattan could be the most obvious location.

It surely is an excellent pick for New York’s first casino. The high risers and the luxury buildings in Manhattan can easily accommodate a major casino, and it helps that Manhattan is a wealthy neighborhood where millionaires and celebrities live. Not all, but many of them would love to spend time in a casino, and it could happen sooner rather than later. Because let’s face it – playing online is great, but it doesn’t match the deluxe experience of a land-based casino in NY. The entertainment is just on another level. If you still prefer to play online be sure to track down a Tropicana promo code when registering your account.

Back to the topic at hand. Rumors say that major casino players have been sniffing around for a possible NY location after Governor Cuomo announced that the state is facing a $15 billion shortfall. The Vornado Realty Trust has already pitched an idea for a casino in Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan. The owner of the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, Morris Bailey, has already talked to its neighbors (Vornado) and other interested parties to bring a casino on his own Heralds Square property – the McAlpin hotel.

The L&L Holding Company has also proposed a tower in Manhattan worth $2.5 billion with a casino as the centerpiece. If the plan to legalize full-scale casinos goes live soon, developers already have their plans and pitches.

We’re not saying that New York will get its first casino, but it might be coming sooner than you expect. Nothing can close the financial gap as quickly and effortlessly as casino revenue. Plus, in a market such as NYC that so far hasn’t tasted the juices flowing from that grail, it is an investment opportunity no one would miss.

New York players will certainly be delighted to see a casino in the city. Manhattan or otherwise, we’re sure there’ll be a waiting line to get in.


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