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Why Members of Your Family Need a Cell Phone

Why Members of Your Family Need a Cell Phone

Family smart phones

With almost everyone in every house hold owning a mobile phone of some description, bulk family plans have become more popular than ever. With many parents paying for other members bills, it is not surprising to see why this could be a smart move for you. If you want to get your family connected, you can check out the best cell phone family plans here.

The biggest network providers,Sprint and US Cellular both offer great family plans, be sure to head to Best Reviews Online to see exactly how they can help you minimize the hassle involved with copious mobile lines under one roof. But why exactly is it so essential for all your family to have a mobile phone? The younger generations maybe be well informed with what is on offer on the smartphone market, but why does it matter so much for the older generations? We take a look at why mobile phones are just as useful for the older members of your family too.


It comes as no surprise that this is the at the very top of our list, a phone enables all generations to have a quick link. Should anyone get locked out, forget their keys or take a tumble in the garden, a mobile phone device no longer means people have to rely on access to a land line or payphone. Emergency contact details can be readily stored in the phone, not to mention loved ones stored on speed dial. Many clinics and services now text appointments which can act as useful reminders to everyone irrespective of age. With everyone having a mobile phone on them, all family members can have ultimate peace of mind of the others wellbeing and safety.

Keeping up to date

We are not painting the older generations as those that forget everything and should have a phone for that reason, many grandparents are super tech savvy and love to download apps. Nowadays there is an app for all occasions, whether it is gardening or the local news and traffic updates. Older generations may get social media and love to see what their extended family members are getting up to when they are not in direct contact, or travelling the world. Social media helps us all to feel closer together.


With map apps, family members can now explore new places to walk and arrive at destinations safely, without the hassle of a paper based map.

Help for hearing/visually impaired

There are a remarkable number of phones out there designed for those with poorer sight, there are even phones out there which are compatible with hearing aids. Some phones as well are voice activated.

Getting the right deal

Whatever it is your family member needs, be sure to keep a close eye on their preferences. If they prefer traditional voice calls then ensure they have a bundle with a plentiful resource of minutes. If they love apps and social media on the go, pay close attention to data usage and the amount of data provided in the packages up for grabs.


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