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Why Prefer Kotlin for Android App Development?

Why Prefer Kotlin for Android App Development?

Why Prefer Kotlin for Android App Development?

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For a decade, Java enjoyed the monopoly over the Android market. It remained the only native Android programming language for the developers. But in 2017, Kotlin was introduced as another official programming language for Android development that changed the history of the Android market.

Kotlin offered ample benefits to Android app developers and businesses. An outcome of which is that various reputed brands like Postmates, Evernote, Pinterest, Coursera, and Uber, migrated from Java to Kotlin to discover new opportunities and leverage higher benefits. Not only this, but Kotlin language also made a place in the list of ‘Most Loved Programming Languages by Developers’. It showed the potential to push out Java from Android development arena, just like Swift supersedes Objective-C.

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But, is Kotlin the future of Android mobile market? Should every Android development company choose Kotlin over Java? Let’s discover in this article by looking into what benefits Kotlin offers to reap the benefits of the Android industry.

1: Open-Source

Kotlin, developed by JetBrains, is an open-source programming language. This implies anyone can retrieve or share their source code with others, and even seek support from Kotlin Slack team anytime.

2: Mature with Great IDE

Since its introduction to the day final version entered the market, the programming language went through multiple alpha and beta testing procedures – making it fit for the present market needs. Besides, the Android programming language has come up with more usable features and great IDE support

3: Functional Language

Kotlin is not only an Object-oriented programming language but also hold functional constructs and can be employed in both the programming styles or while considering the blend of both. This makes it a better option over Java, Scala, JavaScript, C#, and other such languages.

4: Null safety

In the case of Java, the bug manager sees 90% of the errors under the ‘Null Pointer Exception’ scenario. Whereas, in the case of Kotlin Android development, no variable is by default declared as ‘null’. Android developers have to add ‘?’ to assign the option to accept a null value to any variable and check the ‘null’ before executing any action. Because of this, ‘Null Pointer Exception’ does not come into the limelight in Kotlin app development.

5: Hassle-free Coding

Java has gone outdated as per the current market condition. In such a scenario, writing efficient code is a pain for developers – especially when considered the growing data breaches and need to integrate cutting-edge technologies and technique. But, when it comes to Kotlin, the programming language is curated as per the recent market technologies and needs, which makes it easier to code for the present market needs. Also, the Kotlin compiler understands and write a major fraction of code on itself, which saves time and efforts of the developers. Besides, a limited number of libraries are required to write Android mobile applications. All these factors make coding with Kotlin hassle-free and effective.

6: Server-side Development Support

Another reason why Kotlin is the first choice of Android app development company is that it is fully compatible with JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It empowers the use of various frameworks, including Spring, Vert.x, Kotlinx.html, and Ktor into the development environment seamlessly, which improves the server-side experience.

7: Higher Code Quality

Kotlin offers the opportunity to write less code for performing the same task when compared to java. This enhances the code readability as well as provide Android developers with more time to look into what and how they can offer more secure and effective services, which eventually improves the quality of the code written.

8: Enterprise Development Possibility

Kotlin, like many other mobile app development programming languages, does not hold any research or academic background. It was designed to foster Enterprise mobility solutions environment. Due to this, it provides the features and functionalities that seem vital to the modern Enterprise app developers.

9: Ease of Learning

Learning Kotlin is an easier and quicker process. The programming language is developer-friendly as well as allow introducing Java codes into the development process. This implies anyone who knows Java can easily turn towards Kotlin – something that makes every Android app development agency look forward to learning Kotlin.

10: Fully Interoperable with Java

The biggest advantage of going with Kotlin is that it is fully interoperable with Java. That means you can easily introduce Java codes to your Kotlin development environment and look forward to building better applications rather than starting from scratch.

Above all, Google is supporting Kotlin programming language and, as already mentioned, various recognized brands are shifting from Java to Kotlin, which indicates that starting with developing Android apps using Kotlin is not a risky step. The language has a profitable future ahead.

But, in case you wish to know more about the Android language and look into if it fits your business app needs, connect with the best Android app developers today.

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