Why Should You Prevent Bedbug Infestations Rather Than Treat Them

Why Should You Prevent Bedbug Infestations Rather Than Treat Them

Research shows that we have lived with bed bugs since we started walking on two legs. They are exclusively human parasites that depend on human blood for survival. Since they are dependent on us almost entirely, they usually do not transmit severe diseases to us frequently.

Irrespective of what people say about these bed bugs, the itchy red bumps from their bites have to be the worst thing anyone with a bedbug problem has to experience. Sometimes, these red bumps and welts stay for a couple of days, and at other times, they take weeks and even months to disappear. These can be incredibly annoying, especially for those with allergies to bedbug bites. Most people have mild allergies due to which the site swells up more than the usual amount, and the redness accompanies the itching for weeks. In more severe cases of bedbug allergies, people can experience anaphylaxis, and they may require immediate medical attention.

To date, more people go into the GP’s clinics with a secondary infection from the bedbug bites than from allergic reactions. Obsessive scratching can lead to skin damage that can introduce foreign, disease-causing organisms into the endodermis and the bloodstream. That is usually more dangerous than the redness or swelling bedbug bites typically cause.

How do bedbugs gain entry into your home?

The most common way these critters find their way to your home is with stray clothes, and used bedding. Bedbugs can also hitch a ride on you without giving you wind of the fact. Here’s what you need to do to prevent a bedbug infestation at your house –

  1. Are you sleeping at a hotel?

Check their bed for bedbugs. Checking the duvet cover and top sheet is not enough. Check the mattress topper and the mattress before you can relax. Check the cabinets and wardrobes too.

  1. Are you buying second-hand furniture?

Inspect the cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, shoe racks, used clothes and even the stuffed animals for the tiny blood-sucking insects. They are usually fast and almost invisible.

  • Do you have small, itchy red bumps on your body you cannot explain?

If you are waking up each morning with red bumps that itch incessantly, you might be looking at a bedbug situation. First, ensure that they are only on your bed (which is rarely the case). Next, contact a reputable and responsible bed bug pest control Phoenix, which can annihilate the bedbugs from every corner of your home and make it safe again.

  1. Are you about to go on an overnight trip?

It is not always possible to check the bedding, cushions, wardrobes, and shelves of the hotel room before unpacking. If you suspect that your clothes might carry back bedbugs to your home, then, keep these clothes separately in the garage or basement. It is best to wash them as soon as you get home. If you have unwashable items, throw them in the drier at full heat.

Getting rid of bedbugs is not easy, but preventing them is. While they might not be carriers of serious human diseases, they are nuisances that can give your sleep deprivation, increase your makeup budget and annoy you with unreachable itches at the oddest hours.


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