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Why Sleep Is So Important For Everyday Health

Why Sleep Is So Important For Everyday Health

Everyone knows the essential building blocks for good health involve having the right diet, enjoying an appropriate level of exercise, and avoiding too many indulgences along the way. 

As well as these factors, one of the most important factors in maintaining good health is getting enough sleep. This is also one of the most commonly overlooked and ignored areas, and can lead to all kinds of problems throughout life. 

Here are just a few reasons why it’s time to stop ignoring your sleeping habits, and finally get a good night’s rest.

It can impact your mental health

If you’ve ever had to go into work or school after a poor night’s sleep, you’ll probably know how you’re much more likely to feel short tempered, ratty and moody. The occasional night of poor sleep might leave you feeling a little disgruntled, but over time, it can start to have a serious impact upon your mental health.

An increase in fatigue has been found to impact the part of your brain that regulates emotions, making you more likely to experience periods of low mood, anger, mood swings and other erratic behavior. Poor sleep can also increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and is also commonly tied in with symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

When you’re feeling properly rested, however, you’re much better able to manage changes in mood with ease, and feel a lot more positive and stable. It can allow you to recover from stressful moments in life, and enjoy a more calm state of mind overall.

It can affect weight loss

When you’re trying to manage your weight, your sleeping habits might be the last of your concerns, but as well as a good diet and fitness plan, a good sleeping schedule is essential to helping you get in shape.

Poor sleep has been found to lead to an increase in weight across several studies, and there are a number of reasons why. When you’re fatigued and tired, you’re much more likely to reach for high-energy foods to stay awake. Sleeping less can also leave you feeling much more hungry, as the hormones that regulate your appetite are disrupted, making you more likely to indulge in the late night munchies.

A good night’s sleep, meanwhile, can boost your energy levels and help you feel more motivated to exercise more regularly and generally make better and healthier choices. If you’re struggling with sleeping, try replacing your bed with an organic mattress, and consider establishing a more regular bedtime routine to help you rest.

It can impact your heart health

For those who have a family history of heart issues, taking every precaution to ensure good heart health is important. Sleep plays a big part in the state of your heart, as it can influence blood pressure.

A good night’s rest allows your heart pressure to become better regulated, and in turn, this can eliminate one of the main risk factors for heart disease. 


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