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Why the Future Is So Promising for Motion Designers

Why the Future Is So Promising for Motion Designers

A few years ago, motion design was perceived as a specialty skill. Today, it is ubiquitous: the largest TV studios, moviemakers, and advertising firms use it to create eye-catching content. The future of the profession looks bright, and it is a dream career for many aspiring artists. Here are the main factors accounting for the rise of motion design. 

Over the next decade, the field is only expected to grow. The average consumer is likely to associate design with moving, rather than still, images. Static pictures and text are no longer appealing. To make a design memorable, it must involve action. This explains why motion graphics online courses are all the rage. They can make you a highly hirable professional. These skills are important for any artist focused on a lasting career.

Key Factors 

There are several drivers behind this noticeable trend. The audience will increasingly expect images in motion due to:

  1. current trends in technology and design, 
  2. the growing use of moving images on TV and the Internet, 
  3. animated logos and other forms of advertising, and 
  4. the use of moving images in entertainment (DVDs, video games, etc.)

Overall, it is clear that the sphere will expand. It is expected that motion design will find applications in the realms of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). Some professionals voice less positive predictions based on economic factors. However, given the current pace of development, professionals in motion design should be in high demand. 

What Content Is Created

Here is where motion graphics are used the most extensively today. Aside from TV and movies, you may contribute to:

  • video clips, 
  • trailers, 
  • website design,
  • title sequences, 
  • commercials, etc. 

Who Is Hiring

In the US today, over half of all motion designers are self-employed. Others work for movie studios, software developers, technology firms, or marketing companies. Thus, it is possible to work full-time, part-time, or be a freelancer. If working from home suits you, you can find a job at almost any digital platform. 

What Skills Are in Demand  

To work on any projects, motions designers need more than artistic talent. Human skills also matter! Successful communication between clients, designers, and teammates ensures the result requires less time and effort. An artist has to be able to convey ideas clearly, using everyday words. No client is supposed to understand your jargon.

In terms of creativity, it is important to master skills like 3D modeling, timeline use, or procedural animation (scripts). Finally, designers must be able to organize their time and workspace effectively. All the files must be stored in their proper locations, so they do not get confused when searching for a layer or a tool. 

Bottom Line

It is hard to deny the potential of motion graphics. If you are thinking of embarking on a design career, consider this rapidly expanding field of expertise. Still images are losing their appeal. Today, they should be set in motion.


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